Dr. Jarnail Singh

M.Tech(Computer Science), Ph.D

“Whatever is good to know is difficult to learn.”


Dr. Jarnail Singh is a renowned academician having an extensive experience of 18 years in teaching and research. Apart from his academic activities, his frequent interaction with the industry has given him ample exposure in this vital area. He has many publications in national and international journals to his credit. He holds lifetime membership of NAAC and an esteemed Member to Organizing Committee of many National and International Level Seminars.


As an experienced academician he has always been concerned about the academic progress and all-round development of the personality of the students. He is one who believes that students should imbibe distinctive and relevant combination of academic skills and technical exposure through strategic knowledge expansion and focused study.

Dr. Jarnail Singh is one who believes in team-work and one who strives constantly to bring out the best output from the faculty who works under him. He is very particular about maintaining the academic atmosphere always vibrant. He encourages the faculty to constantly update their knowledge through seminars, discussions and all possible forms of intellectual interactions. With his amiable disposition, he establishes rapport with the faculty in no time.


His experience and understanding of the working of educational institutions and phase-wise development processes has helped him in attaining his goals throughout his career. As the Principal of L.I.E.T. his main focus will be on developing an academic methodology which is in sync with his progressive vision of shaping the institution into a holistic centre of excellence.