An educational body is not merely conceived as a vast reservoir of knowledge, but as a source of human development in all aspects, adding to the highest achievements. An educated individual has to be physically fit, mentally alert, intellectually sharp, emotionally balanced and socially well adjusted. To produce such educated individuals. LIET gives due importance to physical fitness also in their educational program. To realize the individual’s maximum potentials and attain an optimum level of efficiency in sports, our college has provided enough and excellent facilities. Besides the environment is well suited for players to grow and exhibit their best talents.

The LIET Sport’s complex has the best-facilitated grounds for sporting action. The LIET encourages the competitive spirit by hosting a number of tournaments, establishing clubs and conducting coaching camps for better performance in the field of sports.

Facilities Available

The excellent infrastructure of the department of Physical Education in LIET makes the students energetic, euphoric, and gives encouragement for regular physical exercise. Both the boys and girls hostels cater individually for the various indoor and outdoor games. One of the fascinating facilities LIET has provided is the Evangeline fitness gym, which is installed with all modern machines. The following facilities are available in the college.

Indoor Games

Institute has good facilities of the indoor games. The indoor games includes badminton, table tennis, chess and carom. Institute also have Billiards table for the students.

Outdoor Games

For outdoor games, Institute has very well established play grounds. Institute has well grassed football ground, cricket ground and hockey ground in the campus. Also we have basketball concrete court and volleyball court. Besides this institute also has tennis court, badminton court, shuttle badminton court, long jump pit and shot put ring. A 400 meter athletic track is also available.

Organization of Tournaments

Many tournaments for Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Basketball and Athletics are organized in the institute time by time at college level. Physical Education Department of LIET has proved its mettle by organizing number of successive tournaments over the years. To the pride of the Institute, our department hosted the following tournaments and achieved tremendous success.

1. Inter Collegiate Chess Tournaments

2. Inter Collegiate Basket ball Tournaments

Swimming Pool and Horse riding

There is a well designed swimming pool with filtration plant available to the students to make them healthy and to cool down after a day’s hard work. LIET also have two horses for horse riding. There is a separate arrangement for yoga classes so that the students remain physically as well as mentally fit.

Fitness Gym

The Jewel of LIET sporting complex is its modern fitness gym, which has well-equipped and modern machines. To keep the students fit and healthy gym is well maintained and equipped with modern machines. The attraction of the gym are Pech Deck Machine, Hack Squart Machine, Leg Curl Machine, Rowing Machine, Stepper Machine, Twisting Machine and Preacher Machine. The gym has many more exercise machines.