Quick Answer: Which is the most important oilseed of India?

Groundnut. Groundnut is most important oil seeds of India accounting for half of the major oilseeds produced in the country. Groundnut is predominantly a Kharif crop but is also sown as a Rabi crop.

How many oilseeds are there in India?

The diverse agro-ecological conditions in the country are favourable for growing 9 annual oilseed crops, which include 7 edible oilseeds (groundnut, rapeseed & mustard, soybean, sunflower, sesame, safflower and niger) and two non-edible oilseeds (castor and linseed).

Who is the first largest producer of oilseeds?

Option c: India is the largest producer of oilseeds in the world. Oilseed is the vegetable oil taken out from the seeds of the plants.

Which state is the largest producer of Bajra?

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Sr No. State Production
1 Rajasthan 3,750.00
2 Uttar Pradesh 1,800.00
3 Gujarat 920.00

Is mostly produced oilseed in India?

Soyabean was the highest produced oilseed with over 12 million metric tons produced in the country that year.

Volume of oilseeds produced in India in financial year 2020, by type (in 1,000 metric tons)

Characteristic Volume in thousand metric tons
Groundnut 9,347
Rapeseed and mustard 8,703
Castorseed 2,060
Sesamum 746

Does India produce palm oil?

“Palm oil crops are water guzzlers. … Andhra Pradesh (83.5 percent) along with Telangana accounts for about 97 percent of India’s 278,000 tonnes of crude palm oil production. India is one of the biggest consumers of palm oil in the world. It imports billions of rupees worth of this commodity from Indonesia.

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