Your question: How can I complain to Times of India?

How do I contact the Times of India editor?

Editor of Times of India Contact Phone Number is : +(91)-44-24342121. Address is No 126 & 127 Times House, Chamiers Road, Nandanam, Chennai – 600035, India and website of Editor of Times of India is The Email Address of Editor of Times of India is .

How do I contact the Times of India?

Toll free Number(s): 1800 121 0005 (For subscription)

The Times of India Karnataka Contact No.

  1. 080-42200000 (Bangalore)
  2. 0824-4232200 (Mangalore)
  3. 0821-4276600 (Mysore)
  4. 0124-4518550 (Grievance Redressal)

How do I check my Toi subscription?

You can check the status of your membership on the TOI Android & IOS apps in the App Settings Page. Please login to the TOI apps to access this page and view details. What is your cancellation policy? A free trial, or a paid membership cannot be cancelled before the subscription period runs out.

Who is the editor of The Times of India?

The Times of India

Let the Truth Prevail
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) The Times Group
Publisher Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.
Editor-in-chief Jaideep Bose
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How do I contact times now?

Times Now Contact Details

  1. Phone Number: 022- 24810639 (For General Query), 0120-6634600 (Noida), 0120-6637050 (Noida), 02224999944 (Mumbai)
  2. Email Id: ( For queries), (grievance Redressal), (For Advertising and Media Partnerships)

How can I write a letter to Times of India?

Dear Sir, Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the attention of the Transport authorities of ____________ (Place), to the great inconvenience that daily commuters have to face in reaching their work-place or offices in time due to lack of timely bus service.

How do I contact a journalist?

Tips for calling a journalist

  1. Tell the journalist who you are and why you are calling.
  2. Ask if it’s a good time to talk. …
  3. Let the journalist know you are familiar with the publication or with stories s/he writes about.
  4. Explain your idea or message in a sentence or two.

How do you send news to times now?

You can send all your stories or article to the News Editor, The Times of India, 126, Chamiers Road, Nandanam, Chennai-35 or mail along with your contact number and mailing address. The article should be enclosed with a covering letter stating your profile.

How can I get Toi Plus for free?

Visit the The Times of India website or app. Login using your registered Times Prime mobile number. TOI Plus subscription will be activated immediately. Enjoy ad-free content with your subscription.

How much should a newspaper subscription cost?

Usually, a newspaper can set you back anywhere from $8 to $30 each month or as much as $360 for the whole year. Single copies, typically found at the neighborhood gas station or book shop, can set you back $1 or even more, again, depending on the newspaper you’re getting.

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How can I get free Times of India?

How To Download Times of India epaper ? Please Scroll down For download today Times of India epaper and Find out Latest month which you want. then next you can choose required date and then click on download now button. after clicking please wait 5 seconds, download will be start automatically.

Who founded Times of India?

The Times of India (ToI), the world’s largest selling English-language newspaper, was founded at a time when the Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar still sat at his throne in Delhi, the seven islands of Bombay had not yet been fully joined, and there was no such thing as the Indian Railways.

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