Are Marathi North Indians?

Marathi people are not North Indians and not considered North Indians. Only People in South states may sometimes refer to them as North Indians when trying to emphasize to others that they speak a language similar to Hindi. Southerners also know that Marathi people look very much like south Indians physically.

Is Marathi North Indian or South?

Marathi is the southern-most major Indo-Aryan language of India and as such has been influenced most heavily by the Dravidian languages of south India, most especially Kannada and Telugu, with which it has shared long overlapping histories.

Is Maharashtra considered North India?

For North Indians Maharashtra is a part of south india and for south Indians its a part of north india. For people of maharashtra,they prefer calling it a part of central india. Therefore Maharastra lies in Central India.

Who is richest Marathi person?

Virendra D Mhaiskar, chairman and managing director, IRB Infrastructure Developers, has become the first Marathi manoos to figure at number 51 in the Forbes list of 100 richest Indians. At age 38, Mhaiskar, with a net worth of $1,010 million, is also the third youngest in the rich list.

Is Marathi older than Hindi?

So one can conclude that Marathi is much older than Hindi and is present from ancient era (500 B.C. onwards in spoken form and 200 B.C. onwards in written form in various scripts such as Bramhi, Modi and then Devnagari scripts). While Hindi as independent language evolved after 1850 and is a recent phenomenon.

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What is considered North Indian?

North India is a loosely defined region consisting of the northern part of India.

North India
States and territories Chandigarh Delhi Haryana Himachal Pradesh Jammu and Kashmir Ladakh Punjab Rajasthan Uttarakhand Uttar Pradesh

Is Mumbai North or South Indian?

Mumbai is located neither in South India nor in North India, it is situated in the West Coast of India.

Why is Maharashtra rich?

Maharashtra is India’s most industrialised state contributing 20 of national industrial output. Almost 46% of the GSDP is contributed by industry. Maharashtra has software parks in many cities around the state, and is the second largest exporter of software with annual exports over ₹ 80,000 crores.

Which caste is richest in India?

Top 10 Richest Caste in India

  • Sikh. …
  • Kayasth. …
  • Brahmin. …
  • Banias. …
  • Punjabi Khatri. …
  • Sindhi. …
  • Rajput. The Rajput group is typical of India’s ancient warrior or Kshatriya category. …
  • Christians. Christianity is the country’s wealthiest faith.
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