Best answer: Is Apple online store safe in India Quora?

Is it safe to buy from Apple online in India?

This is a first in India and is something that is not available on third-party websites. Moreover, Apple is also bringing AppleCare+ with the Apple India online store launch. AppleCare+ extends the warranty of your Apple product with up to two years of technical support and accidental damage cover.

Is it safe to buy from Apple Store online?

I never ear any problem with people buying at apple online,i did it myself several times and i am quite happy,also if you no happy with the product you get a refund to your card,i already get it in a apple store so online shall work in the same way and believe me it works.

Is it safe to buy from Apple India?

You should strongly consider buying direct from Apple, the reason is because when you buy from another reseller you are sacrificing many privileges such as if there is a problem you can return the machine within 14 days for ANY reason.

Will Apple products get cheaper in India?

So… Will iPhones Get Cheaper Now? Apple fans in India might find this disappointing but iPhones currently won’t get any cheaper. This is because Apple has manufactured several iPhone models previously as well in the country but the price seems to be constant.

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Is it safe to order iPad online?

Shopping online with your iPad need be no riskier than shopping online with a computer. Some of the risks may be unique to using a mobile device (including smart phones and Android tablets), while others are similar to those you face when shopping with a desktop or laptop at home.

How Apple products are delivered?

Apple almost certainly ships by air, despite the higher logistics costs, for two reasons. First is the cost of working capital. Ocean shipments take 30 days or more to cross the Pacific and reach their final destination in Apple’s retail stores, versus just 3-5 days for air freight.

Why is Apple cheaper on Amazon?

Why are Apple products cheaper on Amazon? Amazon’s primary means of attraction to its customers is that it offers them generous discounts on similar apple products that you would get from an Apple store. Apple has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price on all its products.

Is there a benefit to buying from Apple Store?

7 Answers. Aside from the service and other qualitative aspects of dealing directly with Apple, the only “advantage” of purchasing direct from the company is the up to date warranty registration.

Is it cheaper to buy a Mac from bestbuy or Apple?

and Best Buy has a better price. There is no difference or benefit to buying it from Apple. Apple care covers all Apple products regardless of where they were purchased, and all other things should be equal. Bottom line is this, if you find the exact same model with a better price anywhere other than Apple…

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