Best answer: What is Mizoram area rank in India?

Area. • Total. 21,081 km2 (8,139 sq mi) Area rank. 25th.

Is Mizoram a developed state?

Mizoram is one of the fastest growing economies among the states of India with a per capital income of Rs 50,021.

Economy of Mizoram.

GDP rank 32nd
GDP per capita ₹76,210 (US$1,100) (2014–15)
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in US dollars.

What is the area of Mizoram * 1 point?

Mizoram covers an area of approximately 21,087 square kilometers. About 91% of the state is forested.

Area 21087 sq km (8142 sq miles)
Population 1,091,014 (2011)
Literacy Rate 91.58% (2011)
Capital Aizawl
No. of Districts 11

Is Mizoram a union territory?

Mizoram (“Land of the Mizos”) was known as the Lushai Hills District of Assam before it was renamed the Mizo Hills District in 1954. In 1972 it became a centrally administered union territory under the name of Mizoram, and in 1987 it achieved statehood.

Is Mizoram a poor state?

About 20% of Mizoram’s population lives below poverty line, with 35% rural poverty as of 2014. The state has about 871 kilometres of national highways, with NH-54 and NH-150 connecting it to Assam and Manipur respectively.

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State 20 February 1987
Capital Aizawl
Largest city Aizawl
Districts 11

Is Mizoram safe?

Mizoram is considered one of the safest places to travel in India. The Mizos are peace loving and hospitable by nature, and the state is conveniently free from insurgency problems and tribal conflicts which are often witnessed in other north-eastern states.

Who is the CM of Mizoram?

Lal Thanhawla of the Indian National Congress has the longest incumbency of over 21 years in 5 terms. The current incumbent is Zoramthanga of the Mizo National Front who assumed office on 15 December 2018.

How is life in Mizoram?

The Mizos are a gregarious, simple, carefree and peace-loving people. Since the days of the chieftains they have always been a close-knit society with moral values based on Tlawmngaihna, or essentially, selfless service for others, a rare principle which goes well with Christianity.

Is Manipur a part of India?

Manipur, state of India, located in the northeastern part of the country. It is bordered by the Indian states of Nagaland to the north, Assam to the west, and Mizoram to the southwest and by Myanmar (Burma) to the south and east.

Who was the first chief minister of Mizoram?

Chhunga was the first Chief Minister of Mizoram, a state in northeast India.

What is the best time to visit Mizoram?


September 15
October Best time 7
November Best time 7
December Best time 7

Is Nagaland a state of India?

It is one of the smaller states of India. Nagaland is bounded by the Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh to the northeast, Manipur to the south, and Assam to the west and northwest and the country of Myanmar (Burma) to the east. The state capital is Kohima, located in the southern part of Nagaland.

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