Can I export birds from India?

Can we export birds from India?

We collect Birds Export data from more than 190 Indian Export ports (Sea, Air, ICD’s and SEZ ports).

Birds Export Data of India with HS Code and Price.

Quantity 288
U.P.USD 1.15
FOB USD 331.20
Country netherlands

Which bird is exported from India?

The parakeet locally known as the ‘Mansariya tota’ is kept by the locals as a mascot of good luck. Incidentally, this parakeet gets its common name because Alexander the Great is supposed to have taken it to Greece thus making it perhaps the first recorded Indian wildlife export.

How can I import birds from India?

Other animals and species including birds, reptiles, mammals, etc can only be imported through air cargo, provided the importer holds a DGFT license including import export code. Animals that are proposed to be imported into India should also not have been classified as endangered by the Government.

Can animals be exported from India?

India has immediately banned all live animal exports mere days before a major annual animal shipment. The country has traditionally exported live animals to the UAE for Bakr-Id, an Islamic holiday that involves the sacrifice of animals such as goats and sheep.

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How can I export live animals from India?

In India live animals are classified under ITC code (Indian Tariff Code) chapter 01. Click here to know 8 digit ITS code, if you export or import from (to) India. An export permit from either exporting country or importing country (or both) has to be obtained for export or import of live animals.

Can we export goat from India?

Sixty countries import goat meat from India. Big importers are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Angola and Egypt. Nearly 80 per cent of the goat meat and mutton export is to West Asia. Although India’s current export of goat and sheep meat is 6.4 per cent of the production, export is where demand is set to explode.

Which breed of dog is banned in India?

Doberman is a Dangerous dog but it is not banned in India but some dog breeds are banned in India. They are quite muscular and agile from the body.

5. Doberman.

Doberman Classification
Weight: Male: 40–45 kg, Female: 32–35 kg

How can I export my dog from India?

Requirements for export of pet (Dog and cat) out of India

  1. The pet for examination by the officer.
  2. Veterinary health certificate (Fit to fly by road/Air/Train) from any Local Registered Veterinarian.
  3. Microchip Certificate.
  4. Last one year vaccination details of the pet.
  5. Passport copy of the owner.
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