Can I get Indian marriage certificate online?

All you have to do is file an online application for a court marriage at the registration of court marriage. … – Although the process of applying for a court marriage has been made online, parties looking to get married have to appear before the marriage registrar for solemnization of marriage.

How can I get marriage certificate in India?

Procedure to apply

  1. For Marriage Registration under Hindu Act: You can apply at office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate in whose jurisdiction the husband or wife resides on any working day.
  2. Fill the Application form duly signed by both husband and wife.

How can I get marriage certificate in India from USA?

How to apply in person:

  1. Download the Miscellaneous Application form and fill it up carefully. …
  2. Applicant and spouse may separately submit dully signed Self Sworn Marriage Affidavit.
  3. Applicant and spouse holding Indian passport may provide original and photocopy of first five pages and last two pages of their passports.
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Where do I get a certified copy of my marriage certificate India?

Duplicate Marriage certificate or a certified to be a true copy of the Marriage certificate shall be obtained at the Sub-Registrar or Municipality office where the Marriage is registered.

How do you get a marriage certificate from India if we are abroad?

You can apply either before the Sub Registrar of marriages at Municipal office where you got married or in Bangalore where you resided soon after the marriage. Someone else cal collect the certificate on your behalf once you have applied as it will take sometime before it is issued.

How much does it cost for marriage certificate in India?

While the government charges Rs 100 as application fee for registration under the Hindu Marriage Act, Rs 150 is levied under Special Marriage Act. Additionally, people pay around Rs 400-500 for acquiring certain affidavits that need to be submitted with the applications.

How can I prove my marriage without certificate in India?

12 Answers

  1. non registration does not affect validity of marriage.
  2. if marriage is not registered wedding invitation cards , wedding photographs are sufficient to prove that marriage has taken place.
  3. mere wedding invitation cards is not sufficent to prove the marriage.

Is US marriage certificate valid in India?

The certificate from Indian Consulate can be obtained on the basis of the marriage certificate issued by the competent authority in USA. … You can register your marriage before the Indian Consulate even without any social marriage, 3. Your marriage as per USA law will nor be valid in India unless endorsed by India Court.

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How long does it take to get marriage certificate in India?

At present, it takes 7-15 days for marriages to get registered and for the issuance of certificates. The couple needs to be present in office to fill in Form 1 and 2 and the application for registering marriage.

Does marriage certificate required for visa?

Marriage Registration Certificate is needed as proof of marriage in foreign embassies in India and foreign countries outside India. While applying for Spouse VISA, the foreign Embassies ask for Marriage Registration Certificate.

How can I update my marriage certificate in India?

File a name change form, attach a copy of the marriage certificate and pay the fee as prescribed for the procedure. Once the same is done 4 copies of the gazette carrying your application details and changed name will be mailed to the address mentioned in the application.

Is marriage certificate required for OCI card?


If you are married and mention the name of your spouse on the OCI application, then you must submit. for current spouse name.

How can I marry a foreign girl in India?

Additional Or Alternative Documents Required Only From Foreigners:

  1. Proof of residency and address in India.
  2. A valid passport.
  3. Original birth certificate.
  4. Visa.
  5. Certificate of single status.
  6. Letters of no objection through the home country’s embassy regarding the free consent of the parties.

How can I get married without parents permission in India?

For Marriage Registration under Hindu Act: You can apply at office of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate in whose jurisdiction the husband or wife resides on any working day. Fill the Application form duly signed by both husband and wife.

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Can Indian citizens marry in UK?

If you are coming to the UK from overseas to get married, you must have either a fiancé or fiancée or marriage visitor visa in your passport in order to give notice to marry to a registrar. …

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