Do you need E pass to travel from Mumbai to Lonavala?

Considering the fact that the state is still struggling to come out of the second wave of Coronavirus, the civic administration of Lonavala has made it compulsory for all travellers to get ane-pass issued before entering the hill stations. Those found travelling without a pass will have to pay a fine of Rs 1,000.

Can I travel from Mumbai to Lonavala without E pass?

A: Pune police commissioner Amitabh Gupta says there is no restriction on travelling within Maharashtra. A: Police commissioner Amitabh Gupta says no e-pass and RT-PCR negative test report is required if you want to travel to Lonavla from Pune.

Can I travel from Mumbai to Lonavala?

In Mumbai, migrants flocked to the Lokmanya Tilak Terminus and Dadar railway stations to return to their home states. However, there is no restriction on travel with valid tickets. … “If someone drives from Mumbai to Lonavala, they shouldn’t, unless they have a home there and a valid reason to visit.”

Is E Pass required in Maharashtra?

Also, To maintain the smooth working of this lockdown, Maharashtra police has introduced the Maharashtra Police e pass for the citizens who need to travel within the state or from one district to another for any emergency reasons.

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Can I travel from Mumbai to Pune without E pass?

If you are travelling to level 2 districts like Navi Mumbai, Pune, Thane, and Vasai Virar, you can enter freely without an e-pass. Buses can function regularly in level 2 districts with 100% capacity, but no standing passengers are allowed.

Is entry allowed in Lonavala?

According to reports, Senior Inspector Milind Pawar of Lonavala police said, “Only people having e-passes will be allowed to come to Lonavala. We have imposed a strict nakabandi at all entry and exit points in Lonavala. … You can also walk in to your nearest Police Station for assistance.

Can we visit Lonavala in lockdown?

To the point: In light of the second wave of Coronavirus, Lonavala administration has imposed strict regulations to limit the number of tourists visiting the hill station. Only those with e-passes will be allowed to enter the town.

How can I fly to Lonavala by flight?

How to reach Lonavala by flight. Lonavala enjoys the proximity to two international airports- the Lohegaon Airport, Pune (70 km away) and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai (90 km away). You can board flights up to either of the cities and travel to Lonavala by road or rail.

Which is the best time to visit Lonavala?

Best time to visit Lonavala in monsoon is from July-September. Temperature in summer season in Lonavala remains in between 23°C-35°C. People visit hill stations like Lonavala to spend their summer vacations hence it’s the best season to visit Lonavala.

Is Lonavala open tomorrow?

Yes, it is open, you can stay at a hotel or resort. However major tourist attractions like Bhushi dam, lion’s point and tiger point are closed for public.

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What documents are required for E-pass in Maharashtra?

A valid identity proof, medical fitness certificate, wedding cards or related documents for marriage, medical report of persons travelling for medical emergency or death certificate in the case of death, or a document pertaining to other emergency purposes are required.

How can I get e-Pass in Delhi lockdown?

How to apply for e-pass during Delhi lockdown

  1. Login to
  2. Now, select ‘e-pass for travel during curfew’ and click on Submit.
  3. Fill in your details such phone number, name, and address.

Is Inter District travel allowed in Maharashtra June 2021?

The Maharashtra e-Pass had been reintroduced for those who need to travel inter-district or inter-state for emergency reasons. … Now, however, the Maharashtra Police website for COVID-19 e-Pass clearly states: “As per the State Government decision, Travel e-pass is no longer required for traveling.”

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