Frequent question: Are vintage cars allowed in Delhi?

“In Delhi, one is not even allowed to drive a petrol vehicle that is more than 15-year-old and diesel vehicles older than 10 years.

Can vintage cars drive in Delhi?

Currently, there are no laws regarding vintage vehicles in India, and the new rules and regulations have been proposed to be added to Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989. To qualify as vintage, a vehicle will have to be at least 50 years old, counting from the day of its original registration.

Can I drive vintage cars in India?

The notification also states that these vintage or classic vehicle will henceforth be subject to restricted use but will be allowed to run on Indian roads only for display, technical research or taking part in a vintage car rally, refuelling and maintenance, exhibitions and vintage rallies.

Are 15-year-old cars banned in Delhi?

The Supreme Court had on October 29, 2018 prohibited the plying of 15-year-old petrol and 10-year-old diesel vehicles in the national capital region and directed the transport department to announce such vehicles will be impounded if found plying.

But there has always been a problem. Because these cars are technically brand new, yet adhere to safety and emissions regulations of the Fifties and Sixties, they aren’t road legal. Instead they are sold as track-only cars, or for use strictly on their multimillionaire owner’s private land.

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Can I buy 20 years old car?

Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman said personal vehicles older than 20 years and commercial ones older than 15 years will have to undergo fitness tests at testing centres under the voluntary vehicle-scrapping policy.

Can we use car after 15 years?

In Maharashtra, a car running on petrol is considered scrap after 15 years and a diesel car is considered scrap after 15 years. In Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Rajasthan, a petrol and diesel run car is considered scrap till it is in a perfect condition to function.

What defines a vintage car?

A vintage car is, in the most general sense, an old automobile, and in the narrower senses of car enthusiasts and collectors, it is a car from the period of 1919 to 1930. Such enthusiasts have categorization schemes for ages of cars that enforce distinctions between antique cars, vintage cars, classic cars, and so on.

Can we extend RC after 15 years in Delhi?

New Delhi: From October 2021, you may have to shell out up to 21 times more for renewing registration and obtaining fitness certificate of 15-year-old vehicle. … In the case of private vehicles, owners need to get the RC renewed every five years after 15 years.

Can we renew RC after 15 years in Delhi?

As per the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, all private vehicles are to re-register the vehicle after 15 years for every 5 years, for as long as it is considered road worthy by the department.

Can RC be renewed after 15 years?

However, the registration certificate or the RC needs to be renewed after 15 years from the date of its original issuance. After that, the vehicle registration can be renewed every five years as long as it is deemed fit by the RTO.

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