Frequent question: Can we buy wine online in India?

As we are all aware, the Government of India has permitted for alcohol to be delivered online to avoid the crowd that has been forming in front of the alcohol stores. Even Zomato announced that it will be engaging in the home delivery of alcohol through online orders.

Can I buy alcohol online in India?

Buy Alcohol Online Anywhere in India

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Can you buy wine online in India?

The short answer is YES, you can buy and sell alcohol online. But you need to understand this: In order to sell it online, you need to seek permission from the state government and ensure that your business model complies with the state laws. You also require permission to buy/sell liquor in public places.

Can wine be shipped to India?

India Importer must provide: … Import license/permit • Wine “quality certificate” • VI-1 or simplified certification • Analysis document • Excise license Shipments with alcohol content/degree under 15% are accepted for clearance and are excise exempted. These shipments must not be consigned to a business address.

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Some tourist areas have special laws allowing the sale of alcohol on beaches and houseboats. Home delivery of alcoholic beverages is illegal in Delhi. However, in Delhi home delivery of beer and wine by private vendors and departmental stores is permitted.

Does Amazon deliver alcohol in India?

Amazon signals entry into alcohol delivery in India with nod in West Bengal. NEW DELHI : Inc has secured clearance to deliver alcohol in India’s West Bengal, according to a document seen by Reuters, signalling the US e-commerce giant’s first foray into the country’s multi-billion-dollar sector.

Which is best wine in India?

Best Indian Wine, Spirits and Beer

Wine Name Grape
Grover Zampa Vineyards La Reserve, Nandi Hills, India Cabernet – Syrah/Shiraz
Fratelli Vineyards J’Noon Red, Maharashtra, India Rare Red Blend
Sula Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc, Nashik, India Sauvignon Blanc
Sula Vineyards Dindori Reserve Viognier, Nashik, India Viognier

Which wine is best in India with price?

Top 10 Best Wine Brands in India With Price List

  • Charosa Selections Sauvignon Blanc (Rs. …
  • Zampa Soiree Brut (Rs. …
  • York Sparking Cuvee Brut (Rs. …
  • Myra Reserve Shiraz (Rs. …
  • Sula Dindori Reserve Shiraz (Rs. …
  • Four Seasons Blush (Rs. 650 to Rs. …
  • Big Banyan Cabernet Sauvignon (Rs. 800 to Rs. …
  • Chateau D’Ori Syrah (Rs. 650 to Rs.

Which red wine is best in India?

The 10 Finest Indian Red Wines You Need On Your Shelf!

  • Big Banyan Merlot.
  • Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Shiraz.
  • La Reserve by Grover Zampa.
  • Reserve Tempranillo By Charosa.
  • York Arros.
  • Reveilo Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • KRSMA Sangiovese.
  • Myra Cabernet Sauvignon.
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How can I order alcohol in India?

7 alcohol delivery apps and websites you should try out

  1. Living Liquidz. This premium retail brand with over 50 liquor stores across Mumbai, Vashi and Thane also delivers through a mobile app and their website. …
  2. BeerBox By Abeer. …
  3. Hip Bar. …
  4. Spiritzone. …
  5. Swiggy. …
  6. Nature’s Basket. …
  7. Wine Park.

Can I ship wine to a friend in India?

Yes, there are few companies who carer liquid courier services in Pan India. The one company I am able to recollect is Aipex Worldwide. I had shipped 5 bottles of JD through them and all of them got delivered in a proper manner.

What is the import duty on alcohol in India?

40.8% Custom Duty on Liquor in India Import After GST.

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