Frequent question: What is the fine for overspeeding in Delhi?

Traffic Offence / Rule Violated New Traffic Fine – Effective January 2021
Violation of directions of on duty police officer Rs 2000
Double Fine: Overspeeding along with Dangerous Driving and Violation of direction of onduty Police Officer Rs 7000
Not Providing way for Emergency Vehicle Rs 10000

What is the Challan for overspeeding in Delhi?

The current rates over speeding challan in Delhi are as given below: Rs. 1000 for the light motor vehicles. … 2000 for medium passenger vehicles.

How can I check overspeed fine in Delhi?

How to Check Traffic Fines in Delhi Online?

  1. Step 1 – Visit the E-Challan’s official website.
  2. Step 2 – On the homepage, click on the “Check Challan Status” tab in the menu bar.
  3. Step 3 – In the following page, you need to provide the following details – Challan number, Vehicle Number, and DL (Driving License) number.

How much is the fine for overspeeding in Delhi?

New Traffic Fine in Delhi from 1st Sept-2019

Violation New Penalty from 1st Sept-2019
Overspeeding LMV: ₹1,000- ₹2,000 MPV/HPV: ₹2,000- ₹4,000 (+ licence seizure)
Driving/Riding without Insurance ₹2,000 and/or 3-months prison, community service | ₹4,000 for subsequent offence
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What is the fine for overspeeding in India?

A: Penalty for overspeeding in a Light Motor Vehicle is Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,000, while it is Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000 and impounding of the driving license for subsequent offence when driving a Medium Passenger or Goods Vehicle.

What happens if we do not pay traffic challan in Delhi?

If you do not submit the echallan on time, your challan is likely to go to court. Following which the vehicle owner needs to go to court to pay fines. Even on-spot challan is also sent to the court by the traffic police after a period of 60 days, if not paid.

What happens if we dont pay challan in Delhi?

What happens if I don’t pay the e-challan? If you don’t pay the e-challan within 60 days of it being issued to you, a traffic police will visit your address to collect the payment. If you are not available or are unable to make the payment, you will be issued a court summons to appear in court and make the payment.

How much challan is on the wrong side?

The penalty for driving on the wrong side of the road is Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 and/or up to 3 months in prison. The penalty for driving on the wrong side of the road is Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 and/or up to 3 months in prison.

Can Delhi Traffic challan be paid online?

Now day easy to pay online your all challan in court using portal.

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How much is no parking fine in Delhi?

On-Street Parking or On Public Parking

Towing charges for violation of no-parking or overstay in authorised parking would range from Rs 200 ro Rs 2,000, depending on the type of vehicle. No surface parking of more than one hour shall be allowed within 500 metres of a multi-level/stack parking.

How can we avoid speeding challan?

Here’s How You Can Avoid Getting Traffic Challans!

  1. Your Car’s RC. Car Registration Certificate. Your car’s RC tells every single detail about the vehicle you are driving. …
  2. Driver’s License. No Need To Carry Driving License and RC in your car. …
  3. PUC Certificate. PUC Certificate | Credits.

Can normal police cut challan in India?

According to traffic law, A SI or the higher rank of officer has only right to demand your papers. Any of the traffic police has not the right to arrest you or to confiscate your vehicle. … If any traffic police cuts your challan without wearing dress then he has not any right to do that.

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