Frequent question: What is the lowest score of India in ODI?

Team Against Score
Canada England 45/10
Namibia Australia 45/10
India Sri Lanka 54/10
West Indies South Africa 54/10

What is the lowest score in ODI?

Lowest Team Score in ODI

# Team Score
1 Zimbabwe 35
2 United States 35
3 Canada 36
4 Zimbabwe 38

What is the lowest score in India England ODI match?

Lowest team total in India vs England ODIs

Sr No. Team Score
1 England 125
2 India 132/3
3 England 149
4 India 153

What is the lowest t20 score ever?

Lowest score in T20: International (member teams)

Score Team Opposition
New Zealand 60 Sri Lanka
West Indies 60 Pakistan
Bangladesh 70 New Zealand
West Indies 71 England

What is the highest ODI score ever?

Rohit Sharma, is the highest individual scorer in ODI history with a score of 264.

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