How can I get layout plan in Bangalore?

How can I get plan approval in Bangalore?


  1. Title deed / Possession Certificate. …
  2. License fee Challan. …
  3. The site plan shows the existing trees, well, and block levels to be furnished in cases where basement/cellar floors are proposed below ground level. …
  4. Latest tax paid receipt. …
  5. Latest Khata extract Certificate.

How do I get a land layout?

The builder or the developer must obtain a conversion certificate from the competent authority. This certificate would entitle the builder to form a layout on the concerned piece of land. The developer must then submit the layout plan and get it sanctioned from the planning authorities.

What is the cost for BBMP plan approval?

All these years, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has been collecting an amount between Rs 20,000 and Rs 80,000 as fee for sanctioning the building plan . The amount used to vary from one area to the other, depending on the size of the building and guidance value.

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How can I get sanction plan in Bangalore?

General Conditions of Building Plan Sanctions

  1. Head Office Address: Hudson Circle, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002, India.
  2. Email:
  3. Call us: 080-22660000.

How many floors can we build in Bangalore?

In Bangalore, you can construct up to 4–5 floors in a 2,400 square foot plot.

Can we build a house without plan approval?

The State Government has approved a proposal from the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to exempt pre-approval for building plan (only for G+2 houses constructed in a land measuring less than 2,400 square feet). … As of now, those planning to build houses have to get a pre-plan approval from the BBMP.

Is it safe to buy unapproved plots?

Yes . Till recently there were two types of land approval one is Panchayat approval and another one is DTCP approval. Now it has been made a policy that there should not be any Panchayat approved plots and the plots holding Panchayat approval should be ratified by remitting additional charges to the government .

What is Panchayat layout plots?

Panchayats have the power to approve layouts and residential properties within the boundary of their village The rural development and panchayats have been granted permission by the government to approve layouts/residential properties that are within one acre of land within the village boundaries.

How do I know my Bmrda approved layout?

In a boon to property buyers, the Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority (BMRDA) has introduced a system where authenticity of residential sites in its limits can be ascertained online. The BMRDA has scanned and uploaded all documents pertaining to layout approval on

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How can I get BDA plan approval?

The first thing you do is submit an application for your plan sanctioning. This application is a downloadable form on the BBMP website. After getting the form, you can either submit it online or print it out and submit it yourself at the BBMP office with the desired documents for verification.

What is the difference between BDA and BBMP approval?

While BDA is responsible for sanctioning development plans and division of layouts in Bengaluru, BBMP approves building plans. You need to get building plan approval from BBMP to be able to construct residential houses and commercial buildings in layouts developed by BDA and other agencies.

How can I get my BBMP plan approved?

BBMP Plan Approval Process

  1. Filing application through online.
  2. License fee towards scrutiny/processing charges should be paid online.
  3. Submitting copies of property records and drawings online.
  4. Verification of Documents and Drawing.
  5. Inspection of the Site by Engineer.

Is it OK to buy B Khata property in Bangalore?

A ‘B’ khata document indicates that the property is illegal or is in violation of government regulations regarding properties in Bangalore, even when the civic charges for the property have been cleared by the owner. … But having a B khata document does not prevent the property from being sold or bought by people.

What is sanction plan?

As per Section 2 (zq) of the RERA Act, 2016, “sanctioned plan” means the site plan, building plan, service plan, parking and circulation plan, landscape plan, layout plan, zoning plan and such other plan and includes structural designs, if applicable, permissions such as environment permission and such other …

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Is Panchayat Khata safe?

The panchayat khata or ekhata issued by panchayat is not valid and cannot be enforced.

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