How many KT are allowed in Mumbai University?

Originally Answered: how many atkt are allowed in university of mumbai? Not more than 5 end sem or 3 internal KTs at the end of the year. Also you can’t carry any 1st year KT to the 3rd year or any 2nd year KT to the 4th year.

How many KT are allowed in Mumbai University engineering?

You can carry only 5ext kt to next year. int +ext+practical kt =8. You can keep Max 8int kt but should have zero external kt and practical kt.

What is ATKT rule?

Allowed to keep terms (ATKT) is a process in the Indian education system to allow students of pre-graduation and graduation to study in the next grade if they have failed in 1 to 4 subjects. … In general, a student can pass a year with a maximum of 4 supplementary exams.

What is KT exam in Mumbai University?

So KT in Mumbai University means that you failed in a particular subject and will have to reappear that examination in the coming months ( Dec or may if it is an end sem paper and other internal kt papers depend on when your college conduct them).

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What is cross KT?

A) A student shall be allowed to keep term (ATKT) in Third Year only if he/she fails in not more than Two Subjects in each of semester I and semester II of First Year. And he/she must have passed Second Year semester III and semester IV in full. OR. B)

Does Atkt affect job?

Though you have two backlogs also known as ATKT, it will not affect your placement during college interviews as there are very few companies asking for a total clean record. … Colleges conduct campus interview during your final year. So, while entering in your final year, you should not have any backlog.

What is a golden KT?

Golden KT – This is the single last kt backlog that is remaining in the semester. If you cleared all kts in first year except one,you canot get admission into 5th semester. You need all subjects clear of first year. This single kt can give you a year down,and is known as the golden kt.

Is ATKT and backlog same?

Some universities call it ATKT (allowed to keep term), some call it CP (Carry Papers), some call it backlog etc. If the fail papers are more, a student is declared as Failed or Dropped and not allowed to move ahead unless he clears his backlogs.

Is backlog mentioned in degree?

Backlog means number of subjects which have not been cleared in exams i.e., it refers to the number of subjects failed by a student. In professional courses like MBBS, BDS etc….. one subject which is not cleared will be excused.

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WHAT IS backlog and ATKT?

ATKT and backlog difference – An atkt is a system in senior colleges (After class 12) whereby if you fail in a subject,you are allowed to reappear for it and have another chance to clear it. Whereas backlog is when student collects many of these failed subjects.

How can I clear my kt in Mumbai University?

That means you have to wait a whole year until you can apply for third year or final year. meanwhile you can clear the kt’s in your drop year. (means you can go and give exams for the kt papers, clear them and after the year is over you can go for the third year or final year.

What is ATKT students in Maharashtra?

At present, regular and backlog or ATKT (allowed to keep term) examinations are on at universities in the state for final-year students.

What happens if you miss semester exams in Mumbai University?

assignment/project will be declared fail in the Internal Assessment Scheme. A learner who is absent for the Semester End Practical Examination and has appeared for the assignment will be awarded marks for the Journal (out of 5 marks) & Viva (out of 5 marks) component of the Semester End Examination.

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