Is flight from Delhi to Kolkata Cancelled?

Are Delhi Kolkata flights Cancelled?

The restrictions on incoming flights from Delhi have been withdrawn with immediate effect. … The civil aviation ministry had initially cancelled flights to Kolkata from six cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Nagpur and Ahmedabad – on the request of the West Bengal government. The restrictions were gradually relaxed.

Is flight running from Delhi to Kolkata?

The major six airlines plying on this route are Vistara, AirAsia, SpiceJet, Air India, GoAir, and IndiGo. Thereare quite a few connecting New Delhi to Kolkata flights, 58 are connecting flights.

Information of New Delhi Kolkata Flight.

Aerial distance 1311 KM
Total flights from New Delhi to Kolkata in a week 223 flights

Are flights to Kolkata operating?

As states continue to ease restrictions on domestic travel, flights to Kolkata airport from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Nagpur have been permitted to operate from September 1, although in a limited manner.

Why flights are getting Cancelled from Delhi?

As airlines cancel flights across the country due to poor passenger loads amid novel coronavirus (COVID-19), Delhi airport is facing a shortage of parking slots for planes. … 11 departures and 8 arrival flights have been cancelled today due to bad weather conditions at Delhi Airport, officials said.

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Are flights going from Kolkata to Delhi?

A: Around 53 flights are flying daily from Kolkata to Delhi. Out of which 26 are direct and 27 are connecting flights on this route. Some major airlines between this route are IndiGo, Air India, AirAsia India, Go First, Vistara and Spicejet.

Is Mumbai to Kolkata flights Cancelled?

“It is informed that no flights shall operate to Kolkata from Delhi,Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Chennai & Ahmedabad from 6th to 19th July 2020 or till further order whichever is earlier. Inconvenience caused is regretted,” the Kolkata airport said on Twitter on Saturday.

Is domestic flights running in Kolkata?

West Bengal government on Wednesday relaxed the restrictions imposed on domestic flight operations in the state. … Domestic flights from six COVID-19 hotspots will be permitted thrice a week, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee said on Wednesday.

How many flights are flying now from Kolkata?

A total of 5 domestic flights fly from Kolkata. Air India is the first flight, departing at 11:45 AM and IndiGo is the last one, departing at 11:35 AM. Close to 16 international airlines leave from Kolkata. Flights from Kolkata arrive at 16 international destinations.

How do I check flight status?

You can follow the below steps to check your flight status after you make a booking:

  1. Logon to
  2. Click on Flight Status tab.
  3. Enter the departing and arriving destination.
  4. Enter your date of travel and Flight No.
  5. Enter your PNR or Booking Reference number.

When international flights will start in Kolkata?

International Flights Latest News Today 13 June 2021: IndiGo CEO Ronojoy Dutta said the airline can launch international flights from major airports such as Delhi, Bombay, Chennai, Bangalore and Kolkata.

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Does Kolkata allow international flights?

Are there international flights operating in Kolkata? West Bengal has given clearance to operate international charter flights in Kolkata.

Are flights working in Delhi?

Terminal -2 will be operational for IndiGo’s 2000 series & all GO FIRST domestic flights effective from 22nd July 2021 00:01 Hours, rest all flights will be operating from Terminal-3. All scheduled domestic & cargo flights are operating normally. …

Will I get refund for Cancelled flight?

If your flight happens to get cancelled, you can ask a full refund, even if you’ve booked a non-refundable ticket, instead of being re-routed on another flight. … Typically, when your flight is cancelled, the airline will automatically rebook you on a different fly.

Is domestic flights are running in India?

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has decided to extend the restrictions on domestic flights introduced at the time of resumption in May 2020 by another month, taking into account the rising Covid-19 cases in the country. What restrictions have been extended? … These fare restrictions were extended till May 31, 2021.

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