Is Noida better than Delhi?

Both are good place to live,delhi is a bit congested area where population is more as compared to noida whereas noida is a less populated city it has good infrastructure with hitech buildings and societies it is also very open and green, roads are wider with many green parks and the main thing pollution is less, you …

Is Noida less polluted than Delhi?

Delhi has 39 pollution monitoring stations. NOIDA: The average air quality slipped to “poor” category in Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad and Gurugram, according to data issued by a government agency on Sunday. At 316, the AQI in Delhi dipped to “very poor” category.

Is Noida more expensive than Delhi?

This might be a deal-breaker, because the prices in Noida are a bit more than Delhi’s, but the convenience of having alcohol home-delivered tops it all! Unlike Delhi and other cities, Noida provides accommodation for all kinds of budgets.

Is Noida better than Gurgaon?

Noida is better planned, in terms of physical and social infrastructure. Gurgaon has a bigger and better entertainment hub, such as DLF Cyber Hub, Sector-29, etc. Noida is comparatively more affordable for renters and home buyers. … Gurgaon is close to the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

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Is Noida bigger than Delhi?

Noida is located in the Gautam Buddh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh state India. Noida is about 25 kilometres (16 mi) southeast of New Delhi, 20 kilometres (12 mi) northwest of the district headquarters, Greater Noida, and 457 kilometres (284 mi) northwest of the state capital, Lucknow.

Is Noida safe at night?

Noida is infact one of the safest city in NCR due to properly planned and guarded sectors. However, if you roam around in midnight alone or as a couple, this won’t be safe anywhere in the whole country. So to be safe, it is advised to either get back to home by 11 PM or get some company if you want to roam after that.

Is Noida a safe place?

A recent report by a reputed journal states that our city Noida is amongst the 10 most unsafe cities in the country to live in. And even though we love Noida, we have to agree at some level with the news because the growing crime rate in the city has been a constant concern for its residents for years.

Is Noida safe for female?

Noida is a part of Uttar Pradesh and it is as safe as the rest of India is. The way of living is not different at all. Everything is mostly similar as in other cities of U.P. Being a girl if you wear dresses, they will stare at you until you feel uncomfortable.

Is Noida expensive?

Noida is a well-planned city and a part of the National Delhi Capital Region of India. It was ranked as the best city in Uttar Pradesh. … But, unlike any other metropolitan cities of India, Noida’s cost of living is much higher than compared to any other city in India.

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Which is the best place to live in Noida?

List of Top Residential Areas in Noida, Uttar Pradesh

  • Sector 15, Noida. Noida Sector 15 is one of the best areas for bachelors and families to live in. …
  • Sector 55 & 56, Noida. …
  • Sector 22, Noida. …
  • Sector 44, Noida. …
  • Sector 47, Noida. …
  • Sector 39, Noida. …
  • Sector 137, Noida. …
  • Sector 75 & 76, Noida.

Why is Noida famous?

Noida is known as the greenest city of India because the roads are lined with green trees. With nearly 50% green cover, the highest in any city in India till now, Noida is considered to be India’s greenest city.

Will Noida overtake Gurgaon?

Following the footsteps of urbanisation and industrialisation trends of Gurugram, Noida City now has to be developed to surpass its inspiration. … The vicious circle of development never ends and just like Delhi, Gurugram, unlike Noida, is now overstocked with people, goods, markets, malls and commercial spaces.

Which is safer Gurgaon or Noida?

According to, the crime index of Gurgaon is higher than Noida and it has been increasing in past three years at a high rate than Noida. When it comes to drainage and sewage facility, Noida is better placed.

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