Is speed post working in Bangalore?

Post Office Bangalore-g.p.o.
Pincode 560001
Post Office Type G.P.O.
Delivery Status DELIVERY

Is Speedpost working in India?

Currently, India Post delivers Speed Post to about 100 countries, and aims to deliver worldwide with the tie-up. … Now also we provide tracking services for mails, but we are dependent on the receiving country,” Mr. Bisoi said.

How long it will take for speed post to deliver?

Q15- How long does inland Speed Post take?

Basis for Comparison Speed Post
Meaning Speed Post is an India post service that offers secured and time bound delivery of letters, parcel and gifts.
Delivery Address specific
Time Taken Normally 2-3 days.
Speed More

How can I track my speed post in Bangalore?

How To Track Speed Post Status In India?

  1. Find and enter the Tracking Number / Ref Number given to you during parcel booking.
  2. Press track button.
  3. Tracking results will be displayed instantly at the below section.
  4. If you want go to full screen mode, you can press “Open in new window” link.
  5. Your privacy is fully protected.
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Is speed post sent by air?

Dedicated transport arrangements both road and air are made for expeditious transmission of mails. … The visibility of transmission has been enhanced by providing track and trace facility for speed post and registered mail.

What happens if speed post is not delivered?

If item is not delivered to recipient then the mail will keep at Speed post office for 18 days. If item is not delivered delivered and full postage wasn’t paid then the mail will keep at Speed post office for 18 days. If item is not delivered and custom charge is due then we will keep it for 21 days at post office.

How safe is speed post?

A Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) study has found private couriers deliver only 90% of letters compared to 99% by speed post. In major cities, the performance of speed post is faster and more reliable. … At the local level, the delivery by speed post is 98% compared to 93% by courier services.

Does speed post deliver home?

This is being done so that families who go to office every day and return late can get the delivery as per their convenience. … Postmen will deliver parcels through a mechanised delivery process on a pilot basis. After this, even speed post letters will be delivered till 8 pm.

What is the cost of speed post?

Current Postal Rates in India

Weight Local (Within Municipal Limits) Above 2000 Kms.
Up to 50 Gms. 18.00 41.00
51 Grams to 200 Grams 30.00 83.00
201 Grams to 500 Grams 35.00 106.00
501 Grams to 1000 Gram 47.00 165.00
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How can I track my RC speed post?

SMS based Status: You can also track through the SMS service. Article type ‘ POST track <. 13 digit article number >. ‘ to track the status and send SMS on 166 or 51969.

Speed Post Tracking Number.

Service Type Format No. of Alpha Numeric digits
Registered Post RX987654321IN 13
Express Parcel Post XX000000000XX 13

How should I pack my speed post for clothes?

If a parcel contains cloth or woolen material it must be packed in a strong wrapper with an outer covering of stout card-board or cloth. It is suggested to use a wooden or a stout cardboard case according to the nature of the article for packing a parcel.

How do I track my dispatched passport?

We request you to check the delivery status of your passport through India Post’s Speed Post Tracking Utility. Based on the displayed status, you may contact the respective speed post center or your nearest Speed Post center to confirm the current status of your consignment.

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