Is water supply free in Delhi?

Free Water Supply up to 20 KL per month to Domestic Consumers.

Is water free in Delhi?

Yet, the government continues to provide 5.3 lakh households 20,000 litres of water per month free of charge; consumption above this will invite charges per usual for the full consumption.

What is the water bill in Delhi?

Rs. 100.00 + 50% per Month per water Connection. Upto 50,000 litres per month. Rs.


Monthly Consumption (Kilolitre) Service Charge (Rs.) Volumetric charge (per kilolitre)
10-25 726.00 24.20
25-50 847.00 60.50
50-100 968.00 96.80
>100 1089.00 121.00

Is Delhi running out of water?

Delhi is one of 21 Indian cities that could run out of groundwater this summer, according to a 2018 government thinktank report. … The Delhi government has in recent years tried to supply water to unauthorised colonies by drilling water bores, but this is a short-term solution that exacerbates a bigger problem.

How does Delhi get water?

Precious sources

The Yamuna river is a major raw water source for the national capital. Apart from this, Delhi’s other sources are Bhakra storage (Himachal Pradesh), upper Ganga canal (Uttar Pradesh), and Munak canal (Haryana) all of which do not fall under the state’s administrative limits.

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Is Borewell allowed in Delhi?

4) The Delhi Jal Board has already identified 19661 such illegal borewells on which action is being taken and 7248 units have already been closed down by the district authorities. … The illegal borewells/tubewells other than the list provided by DJB will be taken up for closure thereafter.

What is the main source of water in Delhi answers?

Surface Water:86% of Delhi’s total water supply comes from surface water, namely the Yamuna River, which equals 4.6% of this resource through interstate agreements.

Is DJB under MCD?

Mission: Delhi Jal Board, Constituted under Delhi Water Board Act,1998,is responsible for production and distribution of drinking water in Delhi . The Board is also responsible for collection, treatment and disposal of Waste Water/Sewage in the capital.

Who controls Delhi Jalboard?

Delhi Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal today approved the portfolio reshuffle in the Arvind Kejriwal-led government. With this, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal now takes over the Water Resources department and will be the chairperson of the Delhi Jal Board (DJB).

How do you calculate water reading?

To calculate your water usage, subtract the (P) previous meter reading from the (C) current meter reading. In the Meter Example, the water consumption was 3 hundred cubic feet.

What is Delhi Jal Board rebate?

Under the scheme, 100% late payment surcharge (LPSC) waiver will be given to all domestic as well as commercial consumers, whereas rebate in principal amount will be on the basis of category of colonies.

What is the meaning of Rddt in water bill?

The meter reader mentioned the wrong current reading status as rddt (Reading detained) and previous reading status as 404 units.

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