Quick Answer: What do you call a Indian Queen?

Rani in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, sometimes spelled Ranee, is a Hindu/Sanskrit feminine given name. The term is the female form of the term for princely rulers in India and Southeast Asia and applies equally to the wife of a Raja or Rana.

What word means Indian princess?

MAHARANEE. a great rani; a princess in India or the wife of a maharaja.

What is a Hindu queen?

5 letter answer(s) to hindu queen

RANEE. (the feminine of raja) a Hindu princess or the wife of a raja.

Who is the Princess of India?

Following India’s independence and the abolition of the princely states, she became a successful politician in the Swatantra Party. Gayatri Devi was also celebrated for her classical beauty and became something of a fashion icon in her adulthood.

Which Disney princess is Indian?

Pocahontas became the first Native American Disney Princess and the first woman of color to be the lead character in a Disney film.

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