Quick Answer: When did Megasthenes visit India?

Megasthenes visited India sometime between circa 302 BCE and 288 BCE. Megasthenes was an ancient Greek historian, diplomat, and Indian ethnographer. He was an ambassador of Seleucus Nicator I, in the court of Chandragupta Maurya.

How long did Megasthenes stay in India?

He ruled entire India for 52 years, before dying of old age.

Which reign did Megasthenes visit India?

During the reign of Chandragupta Maurya, Megasthenes visited India. He’s a Greek actually. He visited India in 4th Century BC. He wrote a book called Indika during this reign.

Why was Megasthenes sent to India?

An Ionian, he was sent by the Hellenistic king Seleucus I on embassies to the Mauryan emperor Chandragupta. He gave the most complete account of India then known to the Greek world and was the source for work by the later historians Diodorus, Strabo, Pliny, and Arrian.

What Megasthenes wrote about Mauryan emperor?

Megasthenes was an ancient Greek historian, diplomat. He became an ambassador of Seleucus I Nicator to Chandragupta Maurya in Pataliputra. He wrote a book called Indica which is an account of Mauryan India.

What empire was located in modern day India?

The Mauryan Empire, which formed around 321 B.C.E. and ended in 185 B.C.E., was the first pan-Indian empire, an empire that covered most of the Indian region. It spanned across central and northern India as well as over parts of modernday Iran.

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Who wrote Indica in India?

What did Megasthenes say about India?

Megasthenes describes India as a quadrilateral, with seas on both sides, many large rivers and huge mountains — a very accurate description of our country.

What is India known?

India is officially called Bharat or the Republic of India and is called so after the Ruler Bharata.

What was written by Megasthenes about the emperor Class 6?

Megasthenes has written rich accounts which show the importance of the emperor. He had also written about the grandeur and beauty of the capital city of Pataliputra. As per Megasthenes; Pataliputra was a big city. There were 570 towers and 64 gates in the city.

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