Where AICC meeting for Quit India resolution did took place?

On August 8, 1942, the All India Congress Committee (AICC)—the central decision-making assembly of the INC—met in a session in Bombay and voted unanimously to pass the resolution.

When and where was the Quit India resolution passed?

On 14 July 1942, the Congress Working Committee met again at Wardha and resolved that it would authorise Gandhi to take charge of the non-violent mass movement. The Resolution, generally referred to as the ‘Quit Indiaresolution, was to be approved by the All India Congress Committee meeting in Bombay in August.

Who presented Quit India resolution at the Congress session held in Bombay?

Quit India Resolution was drafted by Jawaharlal Nehru and it was moved by him on 8th August 1942 and Sardar Patel seconded it. The Quit India Movement (Bharat Chhodo Andolan or the August Movement (August Kranti)) was a civil disobedience in response to Mohandas Gandhi’s call for immediate independence.

Why did Quit India Movement fail?

The Quit India campaign was effectively crushed. The British refused to grant immediate independence, saying it could happen only after the war had ended. … In terms of immediate objectives, Quit India failed because of heavy-handed suppression, weak coordination and the lack of a clear-cut program of action.

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Where was the Quit India resolution adopted?

The Congress Working Commitee met at Wardha in July, 1942. It adopted a resolution, known as the Quit India Resolution. The resolution stated: ‘British rule in India must end immediately’.

What is the importance of Quit India Movement?

Even though the government said that independence could be granted only after the end of the war, the movement drove home the point that India could not be governed without the support of the Indians. The movement placed the demand for complete independence at the top agenda of the freedom movement.

What were the causes of Quit India Movement Class 10?

Answer: Quit India Resolution was finally passed on 8 August 1942 in Mumbai. Question 14: What was the major cause of the failure of the Quit India Movement? Answer: Lack of co-ordination and lack of clear cut programme were the two major causes of the failure of the movement.

Ans :- Quit India Movement became popular because it was the first major movement by Indians in an attempt to get the British out of their country. The movement was led by Mahatma Gandhi along with many other leaders of that time. When the leaders were arrested, there was total unrest in the country.

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