Where can I buy Google pixel 3 in India?

Store Product Name Price
Tatacliq Google Pixel 3 128 GB (Black) 4 GB RAM, Single SIM 4G ₹ 58,330
Amazon Google Pixel 3 (Just Black, 4GB RAM, 64GB Storage) ₹ 63,999
Flipkart Google Pixel 3 (Just Black, 128 GB)(4 GB RAM) ₹ 80,000

Is Google pixel available in India?

Yet, the Pixel 4 series of phones can be bought in the country but remain tough — nearly impossible — to buy. The Pixel 4 XL (64GB variant, Clearly White) is listed on Amazon India website at Rs 99,990. The delivery time mentioned is 4-5 days. Under the brands’ tab on Amazon, you won’t find Google listed.

What is the price of pixel 3 in India?

Google Pixel 3 Price in India

Product Name Price in India
Google Pixel 3 (128GB) – Not Pink ₹ 49,999
Google Pixel 3 (64GB) – Just Black ₹ 63,999
Google Pixel 3 (64GB) – Clearly White ₹ 63,999
Google Pixel 3 (64GB) – Not Pink ₹ 71,000

Is pixel 3XL available in India?

With the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones, Google has a more powerful offering in terms of software and hardware. But they come at a premium. You get the Pixel 3XL in two iterations based on 64GB and 128GB, priced at Rs 83,000 and Rs 92,000 respectively.

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Why did Google pixels fail in India?

Billed as the “best Android phones you can buy,” Google Pixel devices have miserably failed to impress Indian users and the reason is pretty obvious: Poor go-to-marketing strategy. … The Google CEO attributed the success of the Pixel line-up — including the cheapest Pixel 3a — to an expanded distribution network.

Is Google pixels better than iPhone?

On paper, the Pixel 5’s screen is sharper than the iPhone 11’s in terms of having a higher resolution and pixel density. The Pixel 5 also has an OLED screen while the iPhone 11 has an LCD. OLED displays are typically more vibrant, with richer contrast and inkier blacks.

Is Google pixel 3 the best camera?

With a DxOMark Mobile overall score of 101, Google’s Pixel 3 is among the best phone cameras we have tested, and is tied with Apple’s iPhone XR for the top spot among single-camera phones. The camera is a great all-around performer in a variety of conditions, and has one of our highest-ever Video scores of 98.

Which pixel is the best?

Best Pixel phones

  1. Google Pixel 5. The best Pixel phone out there right now for most users. …
  2. Google Pixel 4a. A budget take on the Pixel 4. …
  3. Google Pixel 4 XL. The best Pixel phone you can buy right now. …
  4. Google Pixel 3 XL. Older but still good. …
  5. Google Pixel 4. …
  6. Google Pixel 4a 5G. …
  7. Google Pixel 3. …
  8. Google Pixel 3a.

What is the Speciality of Google pixel?

Google Pixel is powered by a 1.6GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. It comes with 4GB of RAM. The Google Pixel runs Android 7.1 and is powered by a 2770mAh non-removable battery. As far as the cameras are concerned, the Google Pixel on the rear packs 12.3-megapixel camera.

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Is the pixel 3XL discontinued?

Google has officially discontinued the Google Pixel 3 and the Google Pixel 3XL smartphones, the company’s flagship phones from 2018. … A Google spokesperson was quoted in an Android Police report as saying that the company has indeed decided to discontinue the 2018 flagships.

Is Pixel 3 XL waterproof?

Your Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL phone has a water resistance rating of IPX8 under IEC standard 60529. Water resistance may be compromised due to normal wear and tear or damage to the phone. The phone charger and other accessories are not water resistant.

Are Google pixel phones Good?

Buying Options. The Google Pixel 4a offers the high-quality software and cameras that have made all of Google’s Pixel phones great, but it’s even cheaper than the earlier Pixel 3a. This phone comes with Google’s clean, responsive version of Android 11, which is by far the best version of the OS we’ve used.

Which phone camera is best in the world?

The best camera phones available now

  1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The do-it-all smartphone. …
  2. iPhone 12 Pro Max. The best smartphone camera for most people. …
  3. Huawei Mate 40 Pro. An insanely good photography experience. …
  4. iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 mini. …
  5. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. …
  6. Oppo Find X3 Pro. …
  7. OnePlus 9 Pro. …
  8. Google Pixel 5.
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