Which company is constructing Navi Mumbai airport?

Zaha Hadid Architects will be developing the passenger terminal building. GVK awarded a major engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract to L&T Construction for the airport in August 2019.

Who is constructing Navi Mumbai airport?

Construction work on the much-awaited ₹16,000-odd crore Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIAL), which is now under the management of Adani group, is expected to commence next month. According to the new developer, the airport is also likely to start functioning from 2024.

Where is the proposed airport in Navi Mumbai?

Navi Mumbai International Airport plans

It is to be located on National Highway 4B near Panvel, about 35 km (22 mi) from the existing Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. The original estimated cost of the project was ₹47.66 billion (US$670 million).

When Navi Mumbai airport will be operational?

The international airport is coming up over 1,160 hectare in Navi Mumbai. The first runway was supposed to be completed in December 2019 but the project has been delayed. Work has also been hit due to Covid-19. Now, the airport is expected to be completed by 2023-2024.

Why Navi Mumbai airport is delayed?

Lockdown, Adani takeover to cause delays

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The most recent cause for a delay in the project was the Covid-necessitated lockdown, when work on the airport came to a standstill, followed by a financial strain on the concessionaire that prompted a change in its management.

Is Navi Mumbai airport only for cargo?

The airport is planned to be built in four phases through 2032. The ground-breaking ceremony of the project was held in February 2018. “The new airport will be equipped with modern amenities and facilities for domestic and international passengers, as well as the capacity to transport cargo.”

Is Navi Mumbai better than Mumbai?

But in terms of affordability, Navi Mumbai has all type of facilities,” Mr. Singh said. “I have been living for the last 38 years and everything here is much better than what most other cities offer. Navi Mumbai is much affordable than Mumbai in terms of housing.

Does Mumbai have 2 airports?

The airport has two terminals for scheduled commercial passenger services: Terminal 1 at Santacruz for domestic flights and Terminal 2 at Sahar for both international and domestic flights.

Is Navi Mumbai expensive?

Family of four estimated monthly costs are 1,364$ (101,490₹) without rent. … A single person estimated monthly costs are 387$ (28,829₹) without rent. Navi Mumbai is 70.76% less expensive than New York (without rent).

Is Navi Mumbai airport Cancelled?

The state government on Wednesday approved the change of ownership of the concessionaire of Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA). The first phase of the much-delayed Navi Mumbai airport project is expected to be completed in 2023. …

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What is the issue of Navi Mumbai airport?

On the day of the protest, the traffic police had to divert vehicular movement between Mumbai and Pune bypassing Belapur, the business district of Navi Mumbai, as protesters had blocked the road connecting these two cities. As a result, around 125,000 vehicles had to take a longer route.

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