Which feature of the Indian Constitution is not taken from the American Constitution?

Answer: The primary description of the constitution, the federal structures and the distribution of the political powers are ‘features of the ‘Indian constitution’ that are not taken from the American constitution.

What is the difference between Indian and American Constitution?

While American Constitution is the shortest (of any major government in the world) and the first written constitution, India’s Constitution is the lengthiest written constitution in the World.

Indian constitution vs USA constitution for UPSC Exam.

Form of Government Parliamentary form of government. Presidential form of government,

What is not taken from the British Constitution in the Constitution of India?

The ‘Westminster’ model of government followed by India is borrowed from? Explanation: The UK also has an unwritten Constitution, because it doesn’t have any single document that codifies all of their principles and laws.

Which provisions of the Indian Constitution is borrowed from USA?

America has one of the smallest constitution. Indian Constitution has taken Independence of Judiciary from America. Judiciary is independent from any interference of Executive and Legislature. Judges are appointed by President and thereby independent.

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What is the main source of Indian Constitution?


Major Sources of Indian Constitution
Provisions Source/country
Constitution of Japan Procedure Established by Law
Government of India Act 1935 Federal Scheme Emergency Provisions Public Service Commissions Office of Governor Judiciary Administrative Details

Which of the following is a feature of American Constitution?

Although there are many interesting features in its constitution but the most important are: Written constitution. Rigid constitution. Popular sovereignty.

What is impact of American Constitution on Indian Constitution?

An important part of our constitution which is Part III, fundamental rights have been taken from the US Constitution. These rights are the “basic human rights” which are given to the citizens of India (Articles 12 to 32). These rights assure them that they have an equal stance in the society.

How constitution of USA and England has influenced the Indian Constitution?

The United States Bill of Rights has hugely influenced the FRs of Indian Constitution. … Concept of limited Judicial Review and idea of supreme court have also been borrowed from the American Constitution. 6. Principle of separation of powers among the major branches of government was also adopted from US constitution.

What is the Article 44?

The objective of Article 44 of the Directive Principles in the Indian Constitution was to address the discrimination against vulnerable groups and harmonise diverse cultural groups across the country.

Which is not a feature of our constitution?

Correct Option: C. ‘Presidential Form of Government’ is not a feature of Indian Constitution.

Why Indian Constitution is called a borrowed Constitution?

India borrowed many parts like Impeachment of the president, Functions of president and vice-president, Removal of Supreme Court and High court judges, Fundamental Right, Judicial review, Independence of judiciary and Preamble of the constitution form USA which has helped India to thrive as largest democracy in the …

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