Which is the biggest rainforest in India?

Western Ghats. Covering a total area of 30000 square km, Tropical Rainforests in the Western Ghats are known to be one of the most dense which start at Southwest Maharashtra and go upto Karnataka in South India.

Which is the largest rainforest in India?

The second largest block of tropical rainforest is found in the Congo Basin in Central Africa. About 2.87 million sq km of the basin is forested, of which 1.68 million is considered primary forest, as of 2020. That makes the Congo rainforest nearly the size of India’s land mass.

What is the most famous rainforest in India?

Top Rain Forests in India

  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are host to some of India ‘s richest and prettiest Tropical Rainforests. …
  • Brahmaputra Valley Semi-Evergreen Forests. …
  • North Western Ghats Moist Deciduous Forests. …
  • Odisha Semi-Evergreen Forests. …
  • South Western Ghats Moist Deciduous Forests.

What are the 3 biggest rainforests found?

The 10 largest rainforests in the world

  • The Amazon. Covering an area of over 1.2 billion acres, the Amazon rainforest is the largest in the world. …
  • The Congo Rainforest. …
  • Bosawas Biosphere Reserve. …
  • Daintree Rainforest. …
  • Southeast Asian Rainforest. …
  • Tongass National Forest. …
  • Kinabalu National Park. …
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.
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Is India a rainforest?

India’s best rainforests are found in the northeastern region which is not as affected by human population as the Western Ghats. The northeastern rainforests stretch from northern Assam to Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and part of Arunachal Pradesh. … This rainforest also has a huge elephant population.

What is the smallest rainforest in the world?

As of 2014, the smallest rain forest in the world is the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve, which is contained within the city of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. The approximately 25-acre patch is the only remaining stand of the jungle that once covered the area now taken up by the city.

Is Amazon forest bigger than India?

The Amazon Rainforest covers 2,100,000 square miles (5,500,000 square kilometres), making it the biggest rainforest in the world. It is twice the size of India, and over half the size of America.

Which is the dangerous forest in the world?

Gadchiroli Forest (India)

Located in the Indian state of Maharashtra, this forest has an enormous variety of wild trees and wildlife. Still, it is considered the most dangerous forest in the world because of being the breeding ground and refuge for Maoists or Naxalites, as they are called.

Are there any jungles left in India?

Are there any rainforests in India? Tropical Rainforests of India, are found in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the Western Ghats, which fringe the Arabian Sea, the coastline of peninsular India, and the greater Assam region in the north-east Small remnants of rainforest are found in Odisha state.

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Is Meghalaya a rainforest?

The northeastern State of Meghalaya known for its wettest districts and living root bridges is also home to a lowland tropical rainforest north of the Tropic of Cancer. … Characteristically, tropical rainforests occur in “hot and wet” habitats where all months receive precipitation and there is no dry season.

Does Africa have rainforests?

Around 2 million km² of Africa is covered by tropical rainforests. They are second only in extent to those in Amazonia, which cover around 6 million km². Rainforests are home to vast numbers of species. … And the continent’s rainforests are being lost to deforestation at a rate of 0.3% every year.

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