Who is the god of free fire in India?

Agni (English: /ˈæɡni/ AG-nee, Sanskrit: अग्नि, romanized: Agní) is a Sanskrit word meaning fire and connotes the fire god of Hinduism.

Who is the god of Free Fire world?


He belongs to the Heroic Tier and his badge point is 25089. He belongs to the NESC-IND guild and is considered to be the world’s best Free Fire player by many. His YouTube channel, Dyland PROS has got over 9.5 million subscribers.

Who is Free Fire king in India?

Gaming Tamizan (GT King) is the King of Free Fire in India. His real name is Ravinchandra Vigneshwar and he hails from Tamil Nadu. His Free Fire ID is 287597612.

Who is Queen of Free Fire?

Sooneeta Thapa Magar, aka Sooneeta, is the most well-known Free Fire female streamer as of late who is also praised as the Queen of Free Fire worldwide. With more than 4 million subscribers on Sooneeta Youtube channel, the lady dedicatedly plays Free Fire and is without a doubt good at it.

Who is noob player in free fire?

So, who is noob YouTuber in Free Fire? The biggest noob in Free Fire is undoubtedly LOKESH GAMER. LOKESH GAMER is here to prove that you don’t have to be a pro to have a successful YouTube career. Let’s check out all the details you need to know the content creator and his lucrative YouTube channel.

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Who is first player in free fire?

TSG Jash, TSG Jash is known as the best free fire player in the world. He is a very famous free fire player in the India and world also.

How is AWM King in Free Fire?

Ajjubhai : The AWM King

Ajjubhai’s real name is Ajay. He has 20.3 million subscribers on YouTube. Ajjubhai is one of the most popular content creators in the Free Fire community. Many people watch his content everyday and his channel Total Gaming racks up many views.

Who is the 2 king of Free Fire?

Read on to know more about Free Fire Gaming Tamizhan. Gaming Tamizhan also Known as GT King, is a renowned Free Fire YouTuber from India. He is a tamilian.

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