Why did Ceylon became such an important location for Indian Ocean trade?

Strategic situation. The island of Ceylon was strategically important, since it commanded the Indian Ocean. Thus it controlled access to India, the vital Allied shipping routes to the Middle East and the oilfields of the Persian Gulf. Ceylon held most of the British Empire’s resources of rubber.

Which was the most important port of Indian Ocean Trade on west coast of India?

The dhow trade was particularly important in the western Indian Ocean, where those vessels could take advantage of the monsoon winds; a great variety of products were transported between ports on the coast of East Africa and ports on the Arabian Peninsula and on the west coast of India (notably Mumbai, Mangaluru ( …

How important was India’s role in Indian Ocean Basin trade?

because India stood in the middle of the Indian ocean basin it was a natural site for emporia and warehouses. Merchants coming from east africa and asia called at Indian ports and traded their cargoes at Cambay, Calicut, and Quilon for goods to take back west with winter monsoon.

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Which lands were important trading areas along the Indian Ocean?

These included Kilwa, Sofala, Mombasa, Malindi, and others. The city-states traded with inland kingdoms like Great Zimbabwe to obtain gold, ivory, and iron. These materials were then sold to places like India, Southeast Asia, and China. These were Africa’s exports in the Indian Ocean Trade.

What was the most important thing that helped Indian Ocean Trade be reliable and flourish?

The use of the compass allowed maritime trade to be more efficient and travel farther.

What was traded along the Indian Ocean?

The Indian Ocean trade routes connected Southeast Asia, India, Arabia, and East Africa, beginning at least as early as the third century BCE. … Domestication of the camel helped bring coastal trade goods such as silk, porcelain, spices, incense, and ivory to inland empires, as well. Enslaved people were also traded.

Why did the Indian Ocean trade decline?

The Indian Ocean Trade began with small trading settlements around 800 A.D., and declined in the 1500’s when Portugal invaded and tried to run the trade for its own profit. … These were Africa’s exports in the Indian Ocean Trade. These items could be sold at a profit because they were scarce in Asian countries.

How did trade transform India?

Trade within and beyond the Indian Ocean basin increasingly forged links between India and other societies. … This food production helped India’s population double between 600 and 1500 (53 million to 105 million), which in turned fueled a corresponding urban expansion.

Why is Indian Ocean named after our country?

The Indian Ocean is named after India because of its strategic location at the head of the ocean from ancient times and its long coastline which is longer than any other country in the Indian Ocean rim.

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What diseases were spread on the Indian Ocean trade?

. David Arnold in ‘The Indian Ocean as a Disease Zone, 1500-1950′ discusses the diffusion of cholera, smallpox, plague and influenza in the Indian Ocean area.

How did merchants change the Indian Ocean trade?

As merchants moved throughout the exchange network searching for profit, they created diverse diasporic communities and spread their native cultures across the Indian Ocean basin and helped transfer new technologies and ideas across Afro-Eurasia.

Which three regions were part of the Indian Ocean trade route?

The three regions that were part of the trade routes of the Indian Ocean were East Africa, the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia.

Who dominated Indian Ocean trade?

But despite this diversity, for the most part, especially on the Western half of the Indian Ocean basin, the trade was dominated by Muslim merchants. Why? Largely because they had the money to build ships, although we will see that in the 15th century, the Chinese state could have changed that balance completely.

What are some of the reasons the Indian Ocean trade took off and was so popular?

What are some of the reasons the Indian Ocean Trade took off and was so popular? They were seasonal and consistent. Monsoons would help carry ships from Africa to India between April and September. … Muslim merchants because they had money to build ships.

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