Your question: How many rupees can you get from a Blupee?

The amount of rupees that blupees leave behind varies, but you can expect between 20 – 100 rupees, with occasional exceptions.

How do you get the most rupees from Blupee?

Snowling is a minigame. They are called Blupees, and they drop rupees when you hit them. You can either use a spread bow to get the most out of them, or sneak up and wack them as much as possible with a 1-handed sword quickly. You can get about 100 or more from them.

What happens if you hit a Blupee?

Blupees resemble glowing, blue Rabbits that flee when noticing Link, eventually disappearing in a flash of light. They drop Rupees when struck by an Arrow, a Remote Bomb, a thrown Boomerang, or any melee weapon; though they cannot be killed.

What is the max amount of rupees in Botw?

1 Answer. Based on the image in this thread, it appears that the rupee cap in Breath of the Wild is 999,999.

Can you kill Lord of the Mountain?

You can most easily find them in the remote Satori Mountain area, surrounding the Lord of the Mountain. They can’t be killed or anything, but if you can ping one with an arrow, you’ll end up netting around a hundred rupees in one go.

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Can the master sword break?

The Master Sword breaks, but it doesn’t break like any other weapon in Breath of the Wild. Instead, its power drains. After several minutes, you can use it again. If you’re looking for the Master Sword, check out our guide.

Can you keep Stalhorse?

Link can try to mount them, they will automatically be tamed. He can ride one just like a living horse, but like wild animals it cannot be registered at a stable.

How often is blood moon Botw?

As Hino says, Blood Moons occur during full moon nights at midnight. This is seemingly random after every few days pass in-game, but some players have theorized it will occur more often the more enemies are slain.

How much is a blue rupee worth?

The Rupee that flashes yellow and blue is worth 1, while the blue Rupee is worth 5. Link can hold up to 255 Rupees.

How many rupees can you carry in Zelda?

In The Legend of Zelda, Link can hold up to 255 Rupees, because the maximum variable is 255 in older computer systems (such used in the Nintendo Entertainment System). In A Link to the Past and Link’s Awakening, the maximum is 999 Rupees.

Where is Cottla hiding?

If Link plays hide-and-seek, Cottla can be found hiding in one of several places throughout the village, such as on the porch behind Impa’s house, behind the produce shop, or atop the hill to the north. Once she is located, Link must simply speak to her to complete the sidequest and earn his reward.

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