Your question: Who are the top 10 in Indian Idol?

Who are the top 10 of Indian Idol 2020?

The names of 2020 top contestants are — Mohd Danish from Muzzafarnagar, Sireesha Bhagavatula from Visakhapatnam, Anjali Gaikwad and Sayli Kishor Kamble from Maharashtra, Samyak Prasana from Delhi, Vaishnav Girish from Kerala, Arunita Kanjilal and Anushka Banerjee from Kolkata, Nihal Tauro from Mangalore, Sahil Solanki …

Who are top 9 of Indian Idol 2021?

Indian Idol Season 12: List of top 9 contestants

  1. #1 Shanmukha Priya. SET India. 109M subscribers. …
  2. #2 Pawandeep Rajan. SET India. 109M subscribers. …
  3. #3 Arunita Kanjilal. SET India. 109M subscribers. …
  4. #4 Anjali Gaikwad. SET India. …
  5. #5 Sayli Kishore Kambli. SET India. …
  6. #6 Md. Danish. …
  7. #7 Nihal Tauro. SET India. …
  8. #8 Sawai Bhatt. SET India.

Who is the top 8 of Indian Idol 2021?

With Anjali Gaikwad eliminated, the Top 8 Indian Idol Contestants that now remain and will fight out to be the winner are,

  • Pawandeep Rajan.
  • Nihal Tauro.
  • Ashish Kulkarni.
  • Shanmukha Priya.
  • Sawai Bhatt.
  • Arunita Kanjilal.
  • Sayli Kishor Kambli.
  • Md. Danish.
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Who is the best singer in Indian Idol 2020?

Indian Idol 12’s Nihal Tauro, who hails from Mangalore, has come a long way. The talented singer has secured his place in top 8 contestants. Besides singing, Arunita Kanjilal’s alleged love affair with co-contestant Pawandeep Rajan has been highlighted time and again by the host and even the judges.

Has Neha Kakkar win Indian Idol?

One of the most talented and bubbly judges of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champ, Neha Kakkar also participated in Indian Idol season 2 in the year 2006. She could not win the title of the show, but managed to get away with her lot of limelight and prominence. He voice is unique and can be recognised easily.

Who are the top 9 in Indian Idol?

The current top 9 contestants this weekend (29 May 2021 & 30 May 2021) Include four female contestants namely Shanmukhapriya, Sayli Kamble, Anjali Gaikwad and Arunita Kanjilal. The five male contestants are Pawandeep Rajan, Ashish Kulkarni, Mohamad Danish, Nihal Tauro and Sawai Bhatt.

Who is best singer in Indian Idol 12?

Pawandeep Rajan and Arunita Arunita Kanjilal are undoubtedly some of the two best singers of Indian Idol 12’s most favored to win the title this year.

Why is Neha Kakkar not on Indian Idol?

Given the strict bio bubble, all three judges — Neha Kakkar, Vishal Dadlani and Himesh Reshammiya chose to excuse themselves from joining the team, owing to previous commitments. … Composer-singer Vishal Dadlani, through his social media, also addressed the current situation on Indian Idol 12.

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Is Anjali Gaikwad out of Indian Idol?

Anjali has been one of the most appreciated contestants on Indian Idol 12. While fans and judges expected her to make it to the Top 5, she got eliminated.

Who is Lady judge in Indian Idol?

Sonu has been seen as a judge in the recent episodes of Indian Idol 12. She has replaced Neha for some time. While the show is hosted by Aditya, the other judges on the show are Himesh Reshammiya and Anu Malik.

Is shanmukhapriya eliminated from Indian Idol?

Indian Idol 12: Ashish Kulkarni eliminated as Shanmukhapriya left in tears, fans call it biased.

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