Best answer: How can I check my car registration expiry date in India?

What to do if RC expired?

You can apply for the renewal of RC using Form 25. The form can either be downloaded or obtained from the RTO. Fill in the form and submit the original RC book along with the required documents to the designated authority under whose jurisdiction the vehicle falls.

Can we use car after 15 years?

In Maharashtra, a car running on petrol is considered scrap after 15 years and a diesel car is considered scrap after 15 years. In Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Rajasthan, a petrol and diesel run car is considered scrap till it is in a perfect condition to function.

Can RC be renewed after 15 years?

However, the registration certificate or the RC needs to be renewed after 15 years from the date of its original issuance. After that, the vehicle registration can be renewed every five years as long as it is deemed fit by the RTO.

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How much is the fine for expired registration in India?

If a person re-registers the vehicle after the due date, a late fine of Rs. 500 is charged for a private four-wheeler and for two-wheeler it is Rs. 300 per month after the due date.

Can I buy 20 years old car?

Union finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman said personal vehicles older than 20 years and commercial ones older than 15 years will have to undergo fitness tests at testing centres under the voluntary vehicle-scrapping policy.

What happens if RC is not renewed?

Driving your motor vehicle becomes unsafe on the Indian roads if your RC is not renewed at the proper time. … According to this act no individual can drive a motor vehicle on the roads of India with no registration certificate.

How can I renew my RC online?

Required Documents[edit]

  1. Link for online application forms : Forms link state portal AND Parivahan Forms link.
  2. Application in Form-25: Link for form.
  3. Registration certificate.
  4. Valid Insurance Certificate.
  5. Emission Certificate.
  6. Valid Tax.
  7. Pollution Under Control Certificate.
  8. Vehicle should be subjected for inspection.

Can RC be renewed after 25 years?

As per the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, all private vehicles are to re-register the vehicle after 15 years for every 5 years, for as long as it is considered road worthy by the department.

Can I use my car after 15 years in Delhi?

In the case of private vehicles, the owners need to get the RC renewed every five year after 15 years. … To create adequate facilities for scrapping vehicles that fail to pass the fitness test, the road transport ministry has also come out with a draft norm for setting up of registered vehicle scrapping centres.

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How do you drive a car after 15 years?

You can re-register your car in states where there is no ban imposed on using cars older than 15 years (10 years in case of diesel vehicles). To do this, one has to approach the RTO (regional transport office) with which the car was originally registered and obtain an NOC (no objection certificate).

Can I resell BS4 cars after 2020?

Yes, any BS4 vehicle owner will be able to sell his/her vehicle because government has no plan to obsolete BS4 vehicles as of now. BS6 launch in 2020 simply means that the new vehicles coming from the manufacturers should comply with BS6 emission norms after April 2020.

What is the cost of re registration for a car in India?

The price for the renewal of a 15-year-old car’s registration has increased to Rs 5,000, while for two-wheelers it stands at Rs 1,000. In addition, the fee for renewal of registration for imported bikes and cars will stand at Rs 10,000 and Rs 40,000, respectively.

How is green tax calculated?

Green tax also known as environment or pollution tax is imposed on older vehicles that may be contributing to environmental pollution.

Green Tax on Vehicle in India.

Vehicle Category Green Tax Applicable
Service vehicles 2.5% of annual tax
Contract buses 2.5% of annual tax
Tourist buses 2.5% of annual tax

How do I renew my beyond 15 year registration in India?

For re-registration of a vehicle that is more than 15 years old:

  1. The application should be submitted in Form 25.
  2. The vehicle will be inspected at the RTO.
  3. The required fee is paid at the RTO cash counter.
  4. The Registration Certificate will be issued after the verification of all documents.
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