Does Delhi Metro card expire?

Validity of Card: Ten Years from the date of purchase or the date of last recharge. Facility to check remaining balance on Card: Ticket Reading Machines available at all Metro Stations.

Can I use old metro card?

Your old metro smart card will be valid and you can recharge it online as well. You won’t be able to recharge it using cash as these counters will be closed. You can upgrade it to access the auto top-up feature option too. However, in order to activate, you’ll need to visit the customer care of any metro station.

Can I get new metro card in Delhi?

The new cards will be issued through Autope app, available in the Google Play Store. 3. The cards will automatically recharge with Rs 200 at the gate if the balance is below Rs 100.

How can I check my Delhi Metro card balance online?

To check the Delhi Metro Balance online, login to the Paytm official website from your PC or laptop or tablet or smartphone. Tap on the Metro option and choose the Delhi Metro option. Enter the 12 digit number of your smartcard and click on ‘Check Balance’. In the next screen you will see your Delhi Metro Card Balance.

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Can Delhi Metro Card be recharged online?

Metro Card Recharge Online at Paytm – Quick Metro Recharge

Make your experience of travelling through even better with Paytm’s metro card recharge service. Now you don’t need to stand in long queues to buy a ticket or recharging your metro card as you can easily recharge metro card online at Paytm.

Can Delhi Metro card balance go negative?

The electronic value in Smart Card shall not be refunded. The security deposit shall be returned to the passenger in case of surrendering readable and physically OK smart card, after having adjusted negative electronic value (if any). … 20/- will also be deducted from the security deposit in this case.

How can I get Delhi Metro card after lockdown?

People who already own a smart card can also register their existing cards with the Autope app to activate features like auto top-up. However, after registration, customers will have to visit the Customer Care centre of any of the Metro stations after three days of registration to get their smart cards activated.

Can we carry cash in Delhi Metro?

All transactions for recharge of cards, etc will be through cashless modes, tokens will not be allowed for travel, only smart card/QR code will be allowed, ticket vending machine will not accept cash. … It is also advised to travel with minimum luggage and avoid carrying metallic items.

How much does a Delhi Metro card cost?

presently available :- – One Day Card : available at a cost of Rs 150/- (Rs 100 + Rs 50 refundable security). – Three Day Card: at a cost of Rs 300/- (Rs. 250 + Rs 50 refundable security). security deposit (not in case of physically damaged cards) of a smart card is refundable.

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How much time we can stay in Delhi Metro?

The maximum stay permissible in a Delhi Metro station is 170 minutes if entry/exit is from different stations. For entry/exit from the same station it is 20 minutes. In case of overstaying beyond permissible time, penalty of Rs.

How do you check nebula balance?

To check/view your balance you need to visit your nearby Metro station after 2 hours and check the details at Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) or Add Value Machine (AVM) by selecting prepaid top-up option. You have to tap the smart card at automated gates at the Metro station to complete the recharge process.

Can I top up my Metrocard online?

Step 1: Visit (Official website of Delhi Rail Corporation Limited). Step 2: Then enter metro card information. Step 3: After that, enter the amount (Next to the ‘Card ID’ option). Step 4: Enter the given text and click on ‘Continue’ option.

How can I check my Delhi Metro card balance by SMS?

Mangu Singh, who got the first top up done through SMS in his personal smart card by sending the message to 9222208888 and then completing the add value process by showing the card at the AVM at the station. DMRC has partnered with ICICI Bank for this SMS Top-Up facility.

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