How India’s location is so important?

India’s strategic location at the head of the Indian ocean gives it a great strategic importance and helps in maintaining contact with the rest of the world. It helps India to keep a close contact with West Asia, Europe, West Africa from the western coast and Southeast and East Asia from the eastern coast.

What are the benefits of India central location?

It helped in establishing economic and cultural contacts with the East and the West in ancient times. (iv) It is favourably located on the world’s highway of trade and commerce, both to the east and the west. There are some prominent air routes and sea routes passing through the Indian subcontinent.

How is India’s geographical location beneficial for it?

The geographical location of India is advantageous to foreign trade and commerce due to its 7,517 km long coastline. Besides, the location of India is placed in a way that it extends between the Middle East and the Far East. … Thus, India controls the Indian Ocean and operates an instrumental dominant form.

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Which is centrally located in India?

Central India is a loosely defined region of India consisting of the states of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

What is the significance of India’s location Class 9 in points?

What is the significance of India’s central location? central location to India. The Deccan Plateau protrudes into the Indian Ocean, thus helping India to establish close contact with West Asia, Africa and Europe from the western coast and East Asia and Southeast from the eastern coast.

What is the importance of India’s location Class 6?

It lies in the southern part of Asia. On three sides, India is surrounded by sea. Owing to its strategic location, it plays a great role in trade and commerce of the world. The east‒west extent of India is approximately 2,933 km and the north‒south extent is approximately 3,214 km.

Where is India located?

How is India’s climate?

India is home to an extraordinary variety of climatic regions, ranging from tropical in the south to temperate and alpine in the Himalayan north, where elevated regions receive sustained winter snowfall. The nation’s climate is strongly influenced by the Himalayas and the Thar Desert.

Which state is in Centre of India?

Central India is a loosely defined region of India. There is no clear official definition and various ones may be used. One common definition consists of the states of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, which are included in almost all definitions.

What is the middle of India?

Nagpur is precisely at the geographical centre-point of India and the zero mile marker is located here. The distances of various major cities which are measured from here are carved on the pillar erected at this zero mile site. Hence, Nagpur is called the zero mile centre.

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What is the signification of India?

India is centrally located between the East and the West Asia. India is strategically located at the centre of the trans-Indian Ocean routes which connect the European countries in the west and the countries of East Asia. India could establish close contact with West Asia, Africa and Europe from the western coast.

How many countries are bigger than India in area?

The countries that are larger than India are Russia, Canada, U.S.A, China, Brazil and Australia. Russia is the largest among all countries. The area of the Country Russia is of 17.09, and India has an area of 3.28

Why is Indian Ocean named after our country give three reasons?

Indian Ocean is named after India because (i) India has the longest coastline on the Indian Ocean. (ii) India has a central location between East and West Asia. (iii) India’s Southernmost extension Deccan Peninsula protrudes into Indian Ocean that makes it significant to international trade done through Indian Ocean.

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