How much area of India is irrigated?

Irrigated area accounts for nearly 48.8 per cent of the 140 million hectare (mha) of agricultural land in India. The remaining 51.2 per cent is rainfed. The increasing gap also impacts rainfed production in the country.

Which area in India is highly irrigated?

States with the highest dependency on ground water for irrigation include Punjab (79% of the area irrigated is by tube-wells and wells), Uttar Pradesh (80%) and Uttarakhand (67%).

How much land is irrigated?

Rainfed agriculture covers 80% of the world’s cultivated land, and is responsible for about 60% of crop production. Today, irrigated agriculture covers 275 million hectares – about 20% of cultivated land – and accounts for 40% of global food production.

Which country has the highest area under irrigation?

China is the top country by total area equipped for irrigation in the world.

Which state is called heart of India?

Delhi: The heart of India.

Which state is least irrigated in India?

Mizoram is the only state in India which is least irrigated.

Which is the most irrigated state in India?

Punjab leads the country’s States and UT s in terms of land under irrigation, with 98.8 per cent of its crop land under irrigation.

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What is net irrigated area?

(i) Net Irrigated Area: It is the area irrigated through any source once in a year for a particular crop. … (iii) Total/Gross Irrigated Area: It is the total area under crops,irrigated once and/or more than once in a year. It is counted as many times as the number of times the areas are cropped and irrigated in a year.

Which state is irrigated by Ganga Canal?

Correct Option: A. The Ganges or Ganga Canal is a canal system that irrigates the Doab region between the Ganges River and the Yamuna River in India. The canal system irrigates nearly 9,000 km² of fertile agricultural land in ten districts of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Who has the longest irrigation system in the world?

The two countries with the largest irrigated land area are China and India, which make up 21.3% and 20.6% of worldwide irrigated land area respectively. Non-sovereign territories are not ranked and are shown in italics.

List of countries by irrigated land area.

Rank 1
Country/Region China
Irrigated land (km2) 690,070
Date of information 2012

Which are cash crops in India?

Cash crops- Sugarcane, Oilseeds, Horticulture crops, Tea, Coffee, Rubber, Cotton and Jute.

Is India has largest area under ground water irrigation?

At 39 million hectares (67% of its total irrigation), India has the world’s largest groundwater well equipped irrigation system (China with 19 mha is second, USA with 17 mha is third).

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