Is Indian Lake in Michigan clean?

It is the only fully-aerated lake of its size in Michigan, generating exceptional water clarity and cleanliness. The maximum depth is 31 feet, and fishing includes bluegill, bass, pike, perch, walleye, and crappie. A municipal sewer system has served the community since the 1980s.

Can you swim in Indian Lake?

Today, Indian Lake offers a variety of on-the-water recreational options including boating, fishing, jet skiing, and swimming. Off the lake, visitors can enjoy camping, picnicking, and winter activities such as ice fishing and snowmobiling.

Does Indian Lake State Park have showers?

The park is composed of two units which are 3 miles apart and separated by the waters of Indian Lake. The South Shore Unit is a modern campground near the lakeshore with electric hookups, flush toilets, showers, and offers the camper a wide choice of 145 campsites.

Why is Indian Lake closed?

The treatment of Indian Lake is an application of copper sulfate. … According to DPW, “the application of copper sulfate is a common practice to maintain a healthy lake and poses minimal risk to humans and animals after application is complete.”

How many Indian Lakes are in Michigan?

It is approximately 5 mi (8.0 km) west of Dowagiac. It is a spring-fed lake. The lake was named for Indians who once settled there. There are approximately 220 homes on the lake, of which a third are on leased land.

Indian Lake (Cass County, Michigan)

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Indian Lake
Surface elevation 751 feet (229 m)

Does Indian Lake have public access?

Indian Lake is a 354 acre lake located in Oneida County. It has a maximum depth of 26 feet. Visitors have access to the lake from a public boat landing.

Why is it called Indian Lake?

Indian Lake, so named by European-American settlers because several tribes lived in the region and found the area to be ideal for fishing and hunting, was originally a group of small lakes and wetlands occupying about 640 acres (2.6 km2).

Is Indian Lake Ohio man made?

Located in west-central Ohio, 5,100-acre Indian Lake offers a variety of water-related recreational opportunities. Visitors can boat, fish, jet-ski and camp at this noteworthy, manmade lake. The park itself is 800 acres and features two beaches for swimmers to enjoy.

Does Brimley state park have showers?

Great state park camping with clean, well-maintained restrooms and showers.

How do you get to Lime Island MI?

Getting to the Island is Fun!

Visitors to the Island must charter or navigate a boat 3.0 miles across the St. Mary’s River. Vehicle parking is available inland at Raber. Use of a non-motorized boat to reach the island is NOT recommended.

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