On which ground a Hindu wife is not entitled to live separately from her husband and claim for maintenance?

(3) A Hindu wife shall not be entitled to separate residence and maintenance from her husband if she is unchaste or ceases to be a Hindu by conversion to another religion.

On what grounds can a Hindu wife claim maintenance from her husband even while living separate form him when her right to maintenance is lost?

These are: Desertion – Sec. 18 (2) (a): In Suvarna v. Ratnakar case the following definition was given by the judge that Abandoning her without reasonable cause and without her consent or against her wish or on the ground of willful neglect by the husband, the wife can live separately and claim maintenance.

When the wife is entitled to separate residence and maintenance?

Wife also has a right to separate residence and maintenance if any of the condition in Section 18(2) [desertion, cruelty, leprosy, any other wife/ concubine living in the same house, conversion of religion or any other reasonable cause] is fulfilled until she remains chaste or does not convert to other religion.

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Under what circumstances a wife can get maintenance from her husband while living separately from her husband?

Wife living separately entitled to claim maintenance : Section 18 of Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act only provides that Hindu wife shall be entitled to be maintained by her husband during her life time ad if she is staying separately as provided under sub-section (2), she is entitled to claim maintenance from her …

What are the grounds under which a woman can claim maintenance from her husband under the Hindu law?

Maintenance under Hindu Laws

In case of divorce, the wife has a right to claim maintenance from her husband when she is unable to maintain herself financially. The fact whether the wife is working and earns some income or not, does not affect her right to claim maintenance from her husband.

Can a working wife claim maintenance?

Indian law contains provisions for maintenance under different laws like Section 125 of the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973; Section 24 of Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956 and also under personal laws like the Shariat Law, etc. …

How much maintenance should a wife get?

The Supreme Court has set a bench of 25% of the husband’s net salary to be paid as alimony to the estranged wife. The Court said 25% is a “just and proper” amount for alimony as husband might have to take care of the needs of his family, if he has remarried.

What rights does a wife have over her husband?

Your Marital Rights

Marital rights can vary from state to state, however, most states recognize the following spousal rights: ability to open joint bank accounts. ability to file joint federal and state tax returns. … right to receive spouse’s Social Security, pension, worker’s compensation, or disability benefits.

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Who is entitled maintenance?

Section 125 Cr.

they can claim maintenance by filing an application before the Magistrate. Such maintenance is granted at such monthly rate, as the Magistrate thinks fit. If you are a woman and have been divorced by your husband or you have obtained divorce from your husband, you are entitled to maintenance.

Can a Hindu wife claim maintenance if she leaves her home for purpose of adultery?

The sub-section reads, “No wife shall be entitled to receive an allowance from her husband under this section if she is living in adultery, or if, without any sufficient reason, she refuses to live with her husband, or if they are living separately by mutual consent.” The High Court dismissed the plea.

How much money should a husband give his wife after divorce?

The alimony can be provided as a periodical or monthly payment, or as a one-time payment in the form of a lump-sum amount. If the alimony is being paid on a monthly basis, the Supreme Court of India has set 25% of the husband’s net monthly salary as the benchmark amount that should be granted to the wife.

Does a husband have to pay maintenance to his wife?

Although no one is automatically entitled to spousal maintenance, there is a common-law duty imposed upon all spouses to support one another during and after any marriage or civil partnership. … Please note: If the recipient has a long-term partner and is cohabiting, but never remarries, payments must continue.

Can I get maintenance from my husband?

The general standard in most locations holds that spousal maintenance can be awarded if the spouse lacks sufficient property, including marital property apportioned to her to provide for her reasonable needs and expenses, and is unable to support herself through appropriate employment.

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