Quick Answer: Who wrote the book The Origin of the Indian National Congress?

Who was the founder of Indian National Congress answer?

The Indian National Congress conducted its first session in Bombay from 28 to 31 December 1885 at the initiative of retired Civil Service officer Allan Octavian Hume.

Who was the president of Indian National Congress at the time of freedom of India?

The founding years (1885–1900)

No. Year(s) of Presidency Name
1 1885 Womesh Chandra Bonnerjee
2 1886 Dadabhai Naoroji
3 1887 Badruddin Tyabji
4 1888 George Yule

When did Indian National Congress adopted the resolution of self government for the first time?

The Purna Swaraj declaration (Hindi: पूर्ण, Purna, meaning “complete”, Hindi: स्व, Swa, meaning “self” and Hindi: राज, raj, meaning “rule”), or Declaration of the Independence of India, was promulgated by the Indian National Congress on 26 January 1930, resolving the Congress and Indian nationalists to fight for Purna …

Who founded Indian National Army?

Who was the English founder of Congress?

The Congress was founded in 1885 by Indian and British members of the Theosophical Society movement, including Scotsman Allan Octavian Hume.

Why did Gandhi encourage Indians to spin their own cloth?

Gandhi encouraged people to make their own clothes so as not to buy clothes woven in England. Gandhi always traveled with a spinning wheel to spread the idea; moreover, he was always seen spinning even when he was giving speeches. That is why the spinning wheel is the symbol of India’s independence.

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Who led Swadeshi Movement in Delhi?

The Swadeshi movement: 1. was led by Syed Haider Raza in Delhi 2. was propagated via Ganapati and Shivaji festivals in Bengal 3.

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