What are the benefits of having a long coastline in India Class 9?

It facilitates India to trade with the other parts of the world. It implies good tourism potential states like Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. They have some of the most beautiful beaches. Sea transport is one of the cheapest transports.

How does the long coastline benefit India Class 9?

The long coastline of India helps it to give India a prominent position in the Indian Ocean. It gives an advantage to India for larger no. of sea routes for imports and exports. … Also it gives India the two seas; the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian sea.

What is the benefit of long coastline?

Thus, India holding a huge coastline provides access to a number of sea transportation. It means a low expense of imports and exports. 4. The southwest monsoon brought up by the Indian ocean benefits in prospering agriculture.

What are the advantages of India long coastline discuss 3 points?

(i) India has a large coastline on the Indian ocean. (ii) Its central location and long coastline enable many countries to pass through India’s pore during their sea route. (iii) Major ports on Eastern and Western Coast help in import and export of goods from India; developing its trade.

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How does long coastline benefit the India?

The long coastline benefits India by giving it a prominent position at the head of Indian Ocean along with access to Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. It helps in conducting sea trade with Africa, West Asia and European countries and building of more ports.

Why is the Indian Ocean named after India?

Complete answer:

The Indian Ocean is named after India because of its strategic location at the head of the ocean from ancient times and its long coastline which is longer than any other country in the Indian Ocean rim.

Why is India said to enjoy a strategic position with reference to?

The reasons why India enjoys a strategic position with reference to International Trade Route: India is centrally located between East and the West Asia. … Secondly, there is a trans Indian Ocean route that helps India to connect with the countries of Europe in the West and countries in East Asia.

What are the three implications of India having a long coastline?

What are the implications of India having a long coastline ? The implications: (i) It provides easy transport and act as a trade route with different countries. (ii)It also poses challenges to national security from the hostile neighbour.

How can u say that India has a long coastline?

INDIA has 7000km long coastline…. 20th place in the world. Gujarat has the longest mainland coastline in India. The total length of India’s coastline is 7516.6 kilometers.

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