What is the cost of 2000 word article in India?

How much should I charge for a 2000 word article?

For magazines, a writer who pens a 2,000-word article may earn $200 from one publication, $500 from another, and $2,000 from yet another.

How much does a 1000 word article cost in India?

Website and blog content writing rates in India

Website content writing
Blog post (800-900 words) ₹ 950
Blog post (900-1000 words) ₹ 1050
Blog post (1000-1200 words) ₹ 1250
Email content writing rates

How much does a 1000 word article cost?

Typical writers just starting out charge between $25 to $30 for a 1000 word article. All of this depends on your skill level, how long you’ve been writing, what you offer as a writer. There are plenty of advantages and things to consider as you start your freelancing career.

How much does a 500 word article cost in India?

2. How much charge in India  An average content writer in India might charge anything between 250-500 rupees for a 500 word article.  Depending on the type of content related, the rate demanded might vary. For blogs of 500-700 words the rate will be around 40-70 paisa per word.

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What is a good rate per word?

A general guideline: 5–7.5 cents per word is below average and more beginner rates. 8–11 cents per word is a general average. 12–15 cents per word is slightly above average for writers with more experience.

How much should I charge for a 500 word article?

The industry standard for a 500 word article is around $50. You may find rates that are more or less, but for a native speaking writer in the desired language, expect to earn at least . 10 per word.

How much do copywriters charge in India?

Content Writing and Online Copywriting Rates for Clients in India

Website content writing
Blog content writing rates
Blog post (200-300 words) ₹ 250
Blog post (300-400 words) ₹ 350
Blog post (400-500 words) ₹ 450

What should I charge per article?

A good intermediate rate is $125–200 per article. For experts, $250+ per article is better. For articles that require a lot of research, interviews, and are longer, you need to charge $500 and up. As I mentioned I started on the low end but I made $400 that first month as a new freelance writer.

Is 2 cents per word good?

Just How Common 2 Cents Per Word is for Content Writing

If this wasn’t such a common rate for freelance content writing, it wouldn’t be so bad. But just go look at the freelance writing job boards. 2 cents per word is often the norm. 2 cents per word is often the norm for content writing mills, too.

How long does it take to write a 1000 words?

Writing 1,000 words will take about 25 minutes for the average writer typing on a keyboard and 50 minutes for handwriting. However, if the content needs to include in-depth research, links, citations, or graphics such as for a blog article or high school essay, the length can grow to 3.3 hours.

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How do freelance writers get paid?

Most businesses hiring freelance writers will prefer to pay by the project or by retainer if they’re going to want regular ongoing work. Consumer magazines, online and off, generally pay per word for articles. Trade magazines can be either per-word or a flat fee.

How much should a freelance copywriter charge in India?

You can charge anything from INR 1-10 per word depending on whether the content is technical or non-technical for website content writing charges in India. You should take into account if you are expected to create content for landing pages that need a lot of impactful taglines.

How do I get a job in content writing?

Here are a few recommended ways to start your career as a content writer:

  1. Freelancing. A great way to dip your toes in the (figurative) content writing pool is to take up freelance projects. …
  2. Internships. …
  3. Blogging. …
  4. Added Qualifications. …
  5. Certification Programs.
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