What were the reasons for the passing of Quit India resolution?

The main reason behind the Quit India Movement was Gandhiji’s dislike of the return of Cripps pertaining to the British Government’s Draft Declaration. Also, after the failure of the Satyagraha that was more individual-oriented, Gandhiji gave a call for ‘Do-or-die’. Also, the Congress leaders were demoralized.

What were the reasons for the passing of this resolution?

The following are the reasons for the passing of the ‘Quit India’ resolution. Failure of the Cripps Mission – The failure of the Cripps Mission had generated a lot of anger among the Indian masses and the Congress leaders in particular.

Why was the famous Quit India resolution passed in 1942?

Quit India Movement was passed on the 8th of August, 1942 leading to a mass struggle on non-violent lines. (b) i. To launch a massive non – violent movement for the independence to end the British rule in India. … Now the British officials had realized that the British would not be able to retain their hold on India.

What is the purpose of Quit India Movement?

Quit India Movement or ‘Bharat Chodo Andolan’, also known as August Kranti Movement, was a call given by Mahatma Gandhi at the Bombay session of All India Congress Committee on August 8, 1942, for an end to the British rule in India.

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What did the Quit India resolution say?

On August 8, 1942, the Quit India Resolution was passed at the Bombay session of the All India Congress Committee (AICC). In his Quit India speech, that day at Gowalia Tank, Bombay, and Gandhi told Indians to follow non-violent civil disobedience. He told the masses to act as an independent nation.

Why did British Quit India?

One reason why the British were reluctant to leave India was that they feared India would erupt into civil war between Muslims and Hindus. … In 1947 the British withdrew from the area and it was partitioned into two independent countries – India (mostly Hindu) and Pakistan (mostly Muslim).

What was the Quit India Resolution 4?

August 1942, Quit India Resolution passed by Congress calling for immediate withdrawal of British. Gandhi and Nehru arrested, Congress banned, rioting and loss of British control in some areas but power restored with force. Muslim League didn’t approve of Quit India campaign and saw it as anti- Muslim.

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